Apparently Anouck Lepere Is a Never-Nude (Who Knew?)

In the midst of an economic crisis and relentless job cuts, interns have to make stellar impressions if they hope to climb the industry ladder, even if that means showing up to work in see-through pants. Anouck Lepere gets down to business in this Magnus Unnar-shot Dazed and Confused editorial. A Jean Paul Gaultier hood hides sleepy eyes from the boss while a strategically placed pussy brooch proves she's got enough wit to stand out from the intern herd. To show that she's caught wind of the no-bottoms trend (or perhaps she's just the lost sibling in this cozy tribe or Tobias Funke's never-nude compadre), a Margiela bodysuit comes in handy—but no fashion editor-in-training would dare go without accessories. Agent Provocateur nipple tassels and a curly Armani brooch complete the rude and nude look. We're hoping she wears that out for a coffee run. (Fashionising)

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