Don't Be That Girl: 5 Beauty Faux Pas To Avoid

We are firm believers that beauty — and all the products, routines, and rituals that go with it — is something to be celebrated. However, that doesn't mean we need to have our five senses assaulted by it. There are just some things that the rest of the world doesn't need to watch you do in public.
Here, we've rounded up the most offensive primping faux pas that we've caught many a woman engaging in. Don't be that girl — mind your manners and avoid these rude, crude, and socially unacceptable beauty habits, for the sake of your fellow man.
Which rude beauty habits can you absolutely not stand?
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The Lip Smack
Listen, we get it: There's a certain satisfaction that comes with a freshly-applied lip lacquer. However, there's no reason to alert the world to your self-satisfaction by pressing your lips together and making that loud, super-annoying smacking sound. And there's really no need to do it repetitively — sitting next to someone doing that may or may not have thrown us into homicidal blackout rages on more than one occasion. A simple, barely audible press will do just fine, promise.

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The Perfume Douse
We love a good scent as much as the next girl, but not everyone needs to smell you coming before you even step foot in the door. Perfume should be something that wafts delicately, not overpowers you by brute force. Not to mention the fact that many people have a physical aversion to perfume — everything from allergies to migraines. So be kind to your friends, co-workers, and random passers-by and limit yourself to just a few strategically placed spritzes, and not the whole bottle.

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The Covert Clipping
We shouldn't have to say this one, and yet, here we are. We can't think of anything more inappropriate and disrespectful from a beauty standpoint than someone clipping their nails in public. Why would you think this is an acceptable thing to do in front of other people? We are thoroughly boggled by this. We've also had the unique pleasure of watching someone clip their toenails on public transportation. No.

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The In-Transit Makeup Routine
For those of you who ride in your cars for your commute, by all means, do what you will in your automobile — provided you aren't trying to drive and apply makeup, that is. If you take public transportation, please stop doing this. It's just not cool on a crowded subway train or bus when some chick is elbowing you in the side while she tries to maneuver her arm to get her mascara on. Not to mention the germ factor — you're putting your fingers on your face, in your eyes, and on your mouth when you apply makeup. That means you're also putting on all the germs, dirt, and gross stuff everyone who touched that subway pole before you along with your cosmetics. Get up the extra 15 minutes early so you can do your makeup at home — for your sake, and for our sanity.

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The Hairspray Sneak Attack
There's nothing like walking into a bathroom and hacking up a lung due to the lingering cloud of strong-hold hairspray assaulting your nose and lungs. We get needing to touch up your strands, but again, there is just no need to OD on the styling products. Your hair does not need to be shellacked into place, nor does every person who enters the bathroom after you need to inhale half the contents of your hairspray bottle. Let's remember that bathrooms are public spaces, too, and practice some mane moderation.

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