This Hilarious Amy Schumer Video Is Everything You Love To Hate

There are lots of good people in the world. We've met them, honest. But there are also a lot of vapid, shallow, mindless folk (who, depending on your thoughts on the Illuminati, can't help it because they've been brainwashed). And while they're usually only mildly annoying in real life, when satired, they often grow to monumentally hilarious heights of horribleness. In this case, the subject is that particular tendency among young women to self-deprecate to the point of ridiculousness. Call it institutionalized low self-esteem, call it modern humanity's soft underbelly, but whatever it is, Amy Schumer hit it spot on. The scrappy Comedy Central dame (whom you've presumably seen posing topless on subway posters) caused a mini laughing fit in our office with this short. Watch and laugh, but make sure you have headphones on if you're at work, 'cause this one is for big kids only.
Photo/Video: Via Comedy Central.

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