Kristen Wiig's On SNL This Week! Check The Hilarious Promos Now

Basically, Kristen Wiig has never done anything wrong and she never will. She's a perfect comedy angel and we love her for that. Which is why we're so excited for her triumphant (temporary) return to Saturday Night Live this weekend! Normally, high-profile celebrity hosts come with a mixture of excited anticipation and nervousness on the behalf of the rapt audience — will Justin Timberlake ever be able to top his previous performance? Will Lindsay Lohan be comedic gold or just cringe-worthy? But Wiig is a shoe-in. She's gonna kill it with her signature style of awkwardness, and these promos with Fred Armisen are proof.
Also, we should note, if she and Fred just want to do that dance routine for the entire show, that will be quite alright with us.
Photo/Video: Courtesy of NBC.

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