WATCH: Pixar Meets Van Wilder In New Monsters Trailer

You know how it is. The kid in you will always have a soft spot for Disney, Pixar, or whatever you grew up with — and, by extension, a propensity for pretty much anything childish when you're in the right mood. The great thing about re-watching kids' movies as an adult is you get all these subtle, hidden references designed to make the theater experience not totally horrible for the tag-along parents. Enter: Monsters University.
All your favorite, ambiguously NYC-accented characters are back for the prequel of the popular 2001 Pixar flick, but this time, they're in college! Monsters in college, you say? Yep, they went there! Antics! Good times! Mild-mannered jokes about fraternities and dorm rooms! There's something here for everyone.
Video: Courtesy of Disney/PIxar.

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