How To Tie Your Summer Scarves

We've already extolled the multifarious styling abilities of the lightweight scarf, and now that you've stocked up on a few, it's time to learn how to make them worth their salt. Before you get snarky, there are more ways to tie a scarf than just "around your neck." Special tricks for special looks are scarves'…well, specialty, and we've compiled the most compelling ways to do 'em up. Here are eight fresh ways to wear your scarves this summer.
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Heads Up—Perfect for rushed mornings when your hair is feeling less-than-fresh, this headscarf look can be achieved by taking a long scarf and tying it into one knot on your forehead, then crossing the ends around each other and tucking them in place behind your head.
Above, from left: UO Silk Scarf, $24, available at Urban Outfitters.
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Guy's Tie—Patterned skinny scarves can be tied like a menswear tie. Just remember to keep it loose and low.
Above, from left: NW3 Butterfly Scarf, $108.94, available at ASOS.
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Scarf Shirt—This ain't your J-Woww scarf-shirt. With a wide belt, hold your wide scarf in place over a black halter tank.
Above, from left: DVF Drape Scarf, $359.70, available at My Wardrobe.
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Lobster Bib—Silk square scarves look retro-fresh if folded in half, diagonally, and tied in the back with the pointed tips in front.
Above, from left: M Missoni Square Scarf, $147, available at Shopbop.
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Mini Capelet—For large square scarfs, fold them in half, diagonally, and tie the ends together around your neck. Avoid the babushka look by making that it sits above your shoulders.
Above, from left: Oasis Butterfly Square Scarf, $33.24, available at ASOS.
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Belt It—Long, thin scarves can be tied around your waist and then cinched in place with a skinny, rope belt. Look for scarves and belts in contrasting patterns and hues.
Above, from left: J.Crew May 2011 lookbook.
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Cover Up A Sheer Shirt—Sheer shirts are this summer's must-have risque piece. Make it a little less heart-attack-inducing by loosely looping a scarf in a similar color around you neck.
Above, from left:Antik Batik Tasseled Cotton Scarf, $85, available at Net-a-Porter.
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Campfire Style—Twist your scarf into a rope and then loop it around your neck once or twice. Make sure that your scarf is in a breathable fabric, as this look can tend to get a little warm!
Above, from left: J.Crew Paisley Scarf, $55, available at J.Crew.