New Fashion Websites You Need To Bookmark

There's nothing worse than refreshing your RSS and seeing a big, fat 0 unreads. We're obsessive when it comes to fashion websites, and there's nothing like a newly discovered site with fresh, brilliant content to get our browsers buzzing with delight. We think that between the staff, we've probably read the entirety of the fashion e-sphere, so believe us when we say that these five sites are ones you definitely should be bookmarking, ASAP. From an e-commerce site with inspiring styling to a street style blog with a new take on pedestrian fashion, here are the newest additions to your blogroll. Get a look at more of the best fashion blogs on the web.
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Founders and Followers—Love fashion AND art? You're in luck, 'cause this new e-tailer combines both, with impressive editorial features that have us coming back for more.
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The Locals—The masterpiece of Copenhagen Street Style's co-creator, Soren Jepsen, this site has all the hallmarks of a hit. We love the cute questionnaires that accompany the stunning snaps.
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The Coveted—Providing a sneak peek into the closets of fashion's tastemakers, the beautiful photos on this site have made it one of our morning must-visits.
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Mikkat Market—No, your contacts aren't blurring, those are the prices. Kat's e-commerce has vintage and current styles of clothing priced like you've always thought clothes should be priced. What's more, Kat styles each piece on herself in inspiring outfit combos that we find ourselves itching to copy.
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Fashion Etc.— A super-comprehensive fashion news website, this new kid on the block will soon be bookmarked by every stylish gal worth her salt.