What Men Really Want For The Holidays

Every year, we hem and haw over what gifts for men will really make the cut with the dudes in our lives. For some reason, no matter if he's a boyfriend, a brother, a husband, or your I.T. guy, dudes are hard to shop for! And no matter how intensely we rack our brains, we always seem to be drawn toward the tie section. No more! We asked the people who matter the most in this what they wanted for the holidays—the guys themselves—and had them compile their own lust lists. Click through for the men of Refinery29 (minus Kristian), and the gifts that they want most.
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The Man's Man
Philippe von Borries, Co-founder

'Untitled, Paris' by Kava Gorna—"We just did a show with Art & Culture Editions for Art Basel and I fell in love with this awesome piece by one of my favorite R29 photographers, Kava Gorna." From $500, available at Art & Culture Editions.

FSC + Corvus Bradley Dive Watch—"They say a man's wardrobe is judged by his footwear and his watch. This collaborative watch made by FSC and Corvus is high on style and practically indestructible." $1,750 available at Freemans Sporting Club.

National Geographic Subscription—"I was at a lake house in Muskoka this summer that was fully stocked with ancient National Geographics, and I found myself in a hammock reading issue after issue. I like the idea of filling a whole bookshelf with the yellow spines." $15 available at National Geographic.

Rag & Bone Suede Mallory Boots—"Rag & Bone is one of my all-time favorite lines. These classic boots are elegant yet tough and rank number one on my list to Santa." $510, available at Saks Fifth Avenue.
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The Man's Man
Philippe von Borries, Co-founder

Porsche Sport Driving School Gift Certificate—"One day..." $500 available at Porsche.

Geo Trumper Sandalwood Deodorant—"Seriously the best deodorant ever and it lasts almost a full year so it's the perfect annual stocking stuffer." $23, available at Bigelow Chemists.

Earnest Alexander Navy Wax Dopp Kit—"I love this brand Ernest Alexander. They make amazing, simple men's accessories for the seasoned traveler, like this Navy Wax Dopp Kit." $160 available at Ernest Alexander.

Paul Smith Striped Socks—"Socks are such a cliched gift, but I always appreciate it when someone restocks my collection. Thanks, mom." $33 available at Paul Smith.
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The Food Dude
Justin Stefano, Co-founder

Prospect 240 Knives—"Custom-made cooking knives straight out of the Gowanus." Available upon request at Cut Brooklyn.

Los Dazantes Mezcal Resposado—"Smoky, delicious Mezcal—perfect for a cold, snowy night." Available at Los Dazantes.

Hudson Baby Bourbon—"Super smooth, not too sweet, small-batch bourbon right out of the Hudson Valley." Available at Tuthilltown Spirits.

Murray's Cheese of the Month Club—"Crazy, delicious monthly cheeses." $400 available at Murray's Cheese.

Tom's Mom's Cookies—"My favorite is the chocolate-chip. Buy them now." $17.50 per dozen, available at Tom's Mom's Cookies.

Joe's Stone Crabs Dinner for 6—"These crabs are perfectly in season, and you don't have to fly to Miami to get them." $356.95 available at Joe's Stone Crab.

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The Food Dude
Justin Stefano, Co-founder

Parrot AR.Drone—"Remote control helicopter meets augmented reality video game. Kind of the best thing ever." $299 available at Parrot AR.Drone.

Grateful Palette Bacon of the Month Club—"Bacon + Monthly = Amazing." Available upon request at The Grateful Palate.

Penguin Soda Stream Seltzer Machine—"Instant, on-demand seltzer." $199.95 available at Williams Sonoma.

S&S Cheesecake (not pictured)—"One of the world's best cheesecakes." $29.95 available at S&S Cheesecake.

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The Tech Guru
Jorge Lopez, VP of Engineering

The Mind's Eye by Oliver Sacks, M.D.—"Oliver Sacks explores how our minds work and percieve our enviroment." $19.40 available at Barnes & Noble.

MoMA Membership—"You'd be surprised how often you'll visit MoMa and PS1 with this membership. Besides no longer having to pay admission, you also get discounts for events, such as readings by Oliver Sacks. I really love Oliver Sacks." $75 available at MoMA.

Boxee Box—"The long awaited Boxee Box is a wonderful device allows you to watch the internet on your TV. And it's open source." $199, available at Amazon.

New Macbook Air—"For $999 you can get an 11" Macbook air, which is just the perfect size for carrying it around everywhere." $999, available at Apple.
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The Tech Guru
Jorge Lopez, VP of Engineering

YubiKey—"YubiKey adds an extra layer of security over normal user/pass authentication. Combine with the LastPass service and never need to remember a password again, while being extra paranoid of people accessing your accounts." From $25, available at Yubico.

Bucky Balls—"Once you get past the name and all the potential puns, Bucky Balls are tiny magnet spheres that can be 'shaped, molded, torn apart and snapped together in UNLIMITED WAYS.'" $29.95 available at Buckyballs.

Google Nexus S—"Google's new phone comes with Gingerbread, the newest release of Android OS." Available soon at Best Buy.
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The Creative Kid
Brian Jeffers, Design Associate

Topman Fairisle Crew Neck Jumper—"This would be my prefect Christmas sweater. I am a big fan of heavily patterned knitwear and I love the color in this one." $76 available at Topman.

WeWOOD Date Beige Watch—"I love anything wooden. Things are just more charming, rustic, and raw when they are made from wood. I was very excited when I first came across this watch&mdahs;and if you buy one, they'll plant a tree, so it's also good for the environment." $119 available at WeWOOD.

Lomography Diana F+ Camera—"I am alway monstrously jealous of my friends and the amazing shots they get from their Lomography cameras. If I had one, I'd be taking the city by storm." $95 available at Urban Outfitters.
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The Creative Kid
Brian Jeffers, Design Associate

J.Crew Vintage Chambray Utility Shirt—"I am really into the whole denim shirt look at the moment. I love that you can dress it up or play it down. This J.Crew one is definitely one of the nicest ones that I have seen." $98 available at J.Crew.

You And Me The Royal Calendar—"A wall calendar really helps me map out my dysfunctional mind and you don't really find one as good looking as this. I think it would look great covered in my handwriting and scribbles." $89 available at You And Me The Royal We.

Area_2 Book—"Nothing inspires me more than sitting down with a big graphic design book full of lovely images and I have wanted to add this one to my collection for years." $90 available at Phaidon.

UrbanEars Classic Cool Headphones—"I want these headphones cause I think they will make me look cool." $68 available at Fred Flare.

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