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In partnership with Converse

The classic Chuck Taylor has been reborn as the recycled Converse Renew. To celebrate, we've handed over to three women who are challenging the culture of fast fashion to show us how they renew what they do. Here's the first one.


25, Stylist

My Converse Renew shoot is set in a post apocalyptic world where fashion has been rebuilt from the clothing that has survived. Much like the Converse Renew shoe, which is made from recycled plastic bottles. I’m taking inspiration from the 1985 film Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome and Rococo fashion to create a renewed DIY fashion aesthetic.

My styling goes way further than just the look itself. I like to create fantasy worlds and think about the character – who they’d be in a movie. I also try not to be influenced by what the big fashion houses are doing, pushing myself to bring new ideas to the table.

I’m constantly looking for ways to rework fashion’s systems to make them more sustainable. Whether it’s through supporting local sustainable designers or working with and wearing more vintage or second hand pieces.

Model wears: Jacket by Lisa Preissle, gloves by Manokhi, Skirt by Archaea Banidol & Skirt from Cenci.

From left to right model wears: jacket from The National Theatre, green underwear by Rosie Broadhead, black underwear by Eloise Hänikene, top from Cenci, layered glove on left is stylist’s own, layered glove on right includes: glove by Manokhi, vintage bracelet by Dolce & Gabbana from 4Element, trousers by Lisa Preissle, earrings by Amy Rodriguez and vintage Dior from 4Element, sunglasses by GODSOMWARE, gloves by Manokhi, jacket by A.P.C, leggings by Lauren Ibbs and crinoline from The National Theatre.

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