10 Artists Breaking All The Rules

Who's more daring: The woman who re-imagines stripping as social commentary or the one who overhauls the artistic style that made her famous? In truth, that's the wrong question to ask. Both are incredible. They represent just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the tremendous pool of talent making waves in the art world.

And, in our book, there's nothing bolder — or more beautiful — than a woman who does what she wants and makes no apologies for it. Which is precisely what we're celebrating here today. With some help from the tastemakers at Revlon, we're paying tribute to a few of the gutsiest artists out there in the latest installment of "Beauty Nation: The New Provocateurs."

These 10 inventive women will challenge everything you think you know about "creative types." Whether they’re using their hands, a camera, or even their naked bodies to tell a story, these artists are creating works that challenge how we see the world. So, if trailblazers and envelope-pushers are your thing, keep reading. You might find your definition of beauty upended.

Zaria Forman

Can a single painting change the course of climate change? If Zaria Forman has anything to do with it, yes. Stunning on the surface, Forman's landscapes serve a deeper purpose: To force people to start talking about global warming by presenting them with undeniable proof of its existence.
Forman will go to any lengths to get that message out, traveling to Greenland to document the rapidly changing Arctic landscape and the Maldives to evaluate the rising sea levels. She painstakingly reproduces what she sees, making it easy for you to mistake her paintings for photographs. And, she doesn't create those intricate details with fine brushes or pencil work, but her own fingers. If a picture's worth a thousand words, listen up: Forman’s got a lot to say.
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Why it’s important to spread this message
"I traveled a lot when I was young and spent a lot of time out in vast, beautiful, remote places. I really feel that climate change is the most important thing that society faces: It’s the story of the century. I’ve always wanted my work to have an impact somehow and offer something that's more than just a pretty picture hanging in someone’s living room. If someone can recognize the message behind my work and make even a small change in their own life to help the climate, that will be all the difference."
How I’m taking risks in my industry
"In the art world today, straight landscapes are not the most popular thing. But, I’m not doing it because not many other people are; I’m doing it because it's what inspires me. For many years, people told me I should move away from [landscape art], because I wasn’t going to get anywhere with it. That’s not the point — that’s not why I’m making art. It’s not to become famous, it’s to make something that inspires me and hopefully inspires other people."
What beauty means to me
"One thing that’s very important to me is making my images as beautiful as I can — I think that’s what we’re drawn to. Art is in our nature — as human beings, we love beauty. I want to represent the places I'm going as honestly as I can because they're gorgeous. I try to surround myself with beautiful things and that does affect how I look. I usually go au naturel when it comes to makeup, but I think playing with my look is really exciting and bold. I feel like a modern day Cleopatra."
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