What To Buy At Zara For Under $100

Zara is the fashion manifestation of "Champagne taste on a beer budget." Fashion devotees scan runways, then scour its inventory for affordable iterations of the year's biggest trends. (It's okay, designers are in on it, too.) You can find wide-leg trousers, knee-length tunics, and matching sets — silhouettes you fall in love with on style roundups, and need in your life immediately.
Even if you don't obsess over designer lookbooks and runway shots, Zara's vast inventory holds something for everyone. You may be in the market for a sensible work blouse, or looking for a slinky velvet dress to don in the new year. You could need both. And, at Zara, you can get both, and a fresh pair of culottes for the springtime while you're at it. The best part: With just $100, you're guaranteed a quality, edgy new addition to your wardrobe that'll win you a gaggle of compliments every time you wear it out. We found 31 of these budget-friendly gems to carry you into a fashion-forward 2015. If you haven't already, make it a resolution to take a couple of style risks this year. After all, with these affordable pieces, it'll be a whole lot easier.
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Roll out of bed and into this sweater, and start your day off in style.
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If you're secretly into the skirt-over-pants look but too afraid to try it out, try an extra-long tunic on for size.
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This checked jumpsuit is a guaranteed compliment-magnet.
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Your childhood uniform pleats called: They've grown up and are now work-friendly.
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Now this is a suit we can get behind.
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A beanie for your thoughts?
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An everyday blouse with pockets — inspired.
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Your ears need jackets, too.
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A cozy turtleneck you can wear well into spring.
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A classic boot in an unconventional hue.
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100% cotton, 100% chic.
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Crop-tops are so 2014. Cropped trousers are on the horizon for the new year.
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This elaborate beaded clutch feels like a work of art — except, you can sling it on your shoulder and take it to happy hour.
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Fans of classic Fair Isle sweaters will surely love Zara's modern interpretation of the pattern.
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Are we out of the woods?
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The holiday season may be over, but there's no reason not to wear metallics year-round.
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Not your grandmother's court shoes.
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An oversized cardigan that's just slouchy enough. Added bonus: It's decked out with both pockets and a hood.
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January's gray and bleak. Add some color (and warmth) to your life with this mixed-knit snood.
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Get the clog look, with some added ankle support.
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We're still not ready to let go of ombré just yet.
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May every day be sparkly and bright. (It's a lot easier with a rhinestone choker.)
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Wrap yourself up.
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A dizzying print that you can't look away from.
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Keep your neck in check, quite literally.
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This silky dress is simple yet oh, so sexy.
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Miranda Priestly can say whatever she wants: A good floral print is all you need to welcome spring in style.
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Monk-strap shoes that can power through puddles.
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A chic crossbody to wear every day and night.
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Pretty pleats.