9 Up-&-Coming Beauty Vloggers To Watch Right Now

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I've been obsessively watching YouTube beauty tutorials for the last three years now. And in my time perusing the inner workings of the site's beauty community, I always notice the same big names pop up: Michelle Phan, Bethany Mota, and Ingrid Nilsen, to name a few.

All of their channels are incredible, of course — hence the insane followings — but there are plenty of YouTubers creating kick-ass content for slighter smaller fanbases who also deserve some love. So, for your viewing pleasure, we've rounded up nine of our favorite under-the-radar YouTubers and the gateway videos we think you should watch to get started. There's no doubt these bloggers (many of whom already have thousands of followers) will be hitting the million-subbie mark soon. So get ready for some serious binge-watching, ahead.
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I Am Karen O

Subscribers: 446K

What To Watch First: If you're looking for a YouTuber with top-notch editing skills, look no further than Karen O. The vlogger's attention to detail can be seen in just about every video, but we especially love her tutorial on dying your hair pastel, which, we must admit, is inspiring us to reach for the lavender hair dye.
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Harry Makes It Up

Subscriber Count: 31K

What To Watch First:
If you love Lisa Eldridge's soothing and addictive beauty videos, you'll also be a fan of Harry Makes It Up. Professional makeup artist Harriet Hadfield creates tutorials using her own face (as well as the faces of models) while sharing expert tips from years of working in the beauty industry. We especially love this Twiggy-esque tutorial on English singer and songwriter, Foxes.
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Marianna Hewitt

Subscriber Count: 103K

What To Watch First: Some of us want to look like bronzed beauties no matter the season. Hewitt understands this and has created a step-by-step tutorial on how she gets her fresh-from-the-beach glow.
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Alyssa Forever

Subscriber Count: 508K

What To Watch First: Those BROWS! It should come as no surprise that the beauty world has been exploding with brow fever. Alyssa shows us how to achieve her full, Cara Delevingne-esque brows without looking like you've drawn them on your face.
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Aja Dang

Subscriber Count: 105K

What To Watch First:
Dang admits that although she loves makeup, she's no expert when it comes to applying it. (And we love her honesty.) So in many of her makeup tutorials, she enlists the help of her friend, professional makeup artist Ermahn Ospina, who teaches Dang how to perfect her look while her viewers follow along with her.
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Tim Bryan

Subscriber Count: 40K

What To Watch First: Bryan's skin- and hair-care videos are definitely ones to look out for. We love his tutorial on how to achieve David Beckham's perfectly disheveled short hair — which looks amazing on the ladies, as well.
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Suede Brooks

Subscriber Count: 131K

What To Watch First: Brooks has got that Pinterest-y, tousled, textured bob down pat and, thankfully, she has a few videos to show you exactly how to get the look, too.
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Subscriber Count: 346K

What To Watch First: Anna is known for her "makeup menus," which basically document the makeup she wears each day. We love her fresh, glowy, natural look and find ourselves constantly reaching for her recommendations.
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Lily Pebbles

Subscriber Count: 324K

What To Watch First: Lily is another YouTuber with a love for detail and post-production editing. If you're in the mood for some serious makeup envy, check our her storage and collection video.

Oh, and did we mention that Anna of ViviannaDoesMakeup and Lily Pebbles are best friends? We also recommend watching their hilarious beauty chats.
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