6 Holiday Dress-Up Disasters To Avoid

The Ghost of Christmas Past isn't the only one haunting us around this time of year…with visible panty line, pageant hair, and other heinous holiday dressing blunders abounding, there's a lot to be afraid of. Looking back on holidays past, we (and our Facebook albums) can definitely remember running into a few more frightening things than just a see-through dude in chains. That's right — 'tis the season for sartorial snafus, and it's time to learn from the mistakes we've made in days gone by. So, put the glitter spray and push-up bra down: Here are our six party-dressing holiday faux pas to avoid like the plague.
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Open Toed Shoes And Sheer Stockings — The rule of thumb is this: If you can see your toes, you shouldn't be wearing stockings. Unless you live in warmer climates, this is the time to invest in a pair of pretty closed-toe heels.

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Topshop Strut Platform Shoe, $130, available at Topshop.
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Pageant Hair — If your hairdo involves both a curling iron and a flatiron, can be described as both an up-do and down-and-loose (depending on how you look at it), you've got a bad case of pageant hair. Since your dress should be dressy enough, we recommend keeping your hair simple and low-maintenance.

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Hermes spring '11
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Super-Cleavage — Taking fashion risks is one thing, but showing the whole party your personal holiday ornaments is another one altogether.

Kanye West spring '12
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Eliza J. Sequin V-Neck Sheath Dress, $158, available at Nordstrom.
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Disco Ballin' It — It's easy to overdo the glitter during the holidays. Our rule of thumb is to only wear one item of sparkle at a time, lest you start looking like the human version of this.

Marc By Marc Jacobs spring '11
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Oasis Glitter Box Clutch Bag, $46, available at Oasis.
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VPL — Unless it's VPL the fashion brand, this acronym (visible panty line) is a no-no during any occasion. Super-thin thongs or full-coverage underwear curb that issue. Get involved.

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Cosabella Seamless Thong, $23, available at Cosabella.
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Too-Tight-To-Move Dresses — There's nothing more annoying than a dress that won't let you move around comfortably. Don't take the risk of being compared to "stuffed ham," and instead, find a dress that'll let you fit in a few (or fifty) more hors d'oeuvres.

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Tibi Silk And Lace Dress, $515, available at Net-a-Porter.