8 Stylish Sneakers For All Your Summer Workouts

I’m going to be honest here: There are some days when being active just isn’t in the cards for me. I didn’t sleep well the night before, the weather is gloomy, or I just simply need a lazy day. It happens to the best of us. Whenever I feel myself coming up on an anti-workout slump, I try to find little motivators to keep me moving, like reading an inspiring fitness blog post, finding a friend to sweat with, or investing in some new workout gear. Speaking of which, when it comes to logging in those gym hours, a new pair of stylish sneakers can make all the difference.
Today I’ll be sharing a list of the eight cutest workout shoes I could find. Whether you’re looking for a shoe for cross training, power walking, or even crossing that half marathon finish line, these soles will have you inspired to get moving, ASAP.
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So, you’re pretty serious about running. You may even want to do some kind of race or half marathon in the future. But you (of course) don’t want to sacrifice style while you’re hitting the pavement. Well, these lightweight, supportive ASICS shoes are the ones for you!
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These street sneakers are stylish and sporty at the same time. They’re better for brisk walking than cross training or intense cardio, and they will go great with your favorite loungewear.
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As if the lime green-light-blue color combo wasn’t enough, these Nike Frees are perfect for indoor cross training or a boot camp class on the beach. They will give you support and allow you to be flexible during weight training workouts
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These bright orange, lightweight running shoes are great for both brisk walking and jogging. And they’re equally as cute if you’re just running around town in your workout gear.
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Whether you’re on the streets or in the gym, these bright blue sneaks will keep your soles comfy and supported.
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These Mizunos are one of the brand's most popular styles and fits, so it's almost a guaranteed good investment for both running and cross training.
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For the sporty girl, these Adidas sneakers are great for everything from running to picking up a game of court volleyball. And, the pink-teal color combo doesn’t hurt either.

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