So THIS Is How You Revive Post-Workout Hair

Working out is something we're all at least aware we should be doing. But more often than not, it can screw up our finely tuned hair-care routines — and few styles look better drenched in sweat and rimmed with frizz. How to care for your post-workout hair, however, is not a one-tip-fits-all topic. In fact, it's just the opposite.

The whole dry-shampoo movement is just the tip of the iceberg. While many people with straight or wavy hair swear by it, it can leave the dryness-prone curly-haired among us ultra parched. To that end, we asked celeb hairstylist Ryan Richman and Carol’s Daughter founder Lisa Price to give us their very best tips for après-gym hair, no matter the texture. Ahead, read their genius solutions — because hot yoga doesn't have to turn your hair into a hot mess.
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Many active ladies with straight hair already carry dry shampoo in their gym bags. One tip they may not have heard of? Richman recommends misting some on before even stepping foot on the elliptical. The idea is that you're prepping your scalp to soak up perspiration while working out, leaving your hair drier later.

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Fine hair typically equals fragile hair, and fragile hair needs even more care after your workout grind, says Richman. "You've got to be really careful brushing damp or tangled hair," he says. "A detangling brush like The Wet Brush can prevent a lot of unnecessary snags and breakage." Also, they come in compact baby sizes, so you can easily tote them around without taking up a ton of space in your bag.

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Some people think that if you've got a lot of thick hair, you can let it run willy-nilly. They've got a lot of it; who needs to be careful? Think again. "Over-washing thick hair can strip away natural oils, leaving it dry and fragile," Richman tells us. "Smooth Sexy Hair Smoothing Shampoo is a gentle cleanser that fights frizz and lays the cuticle flat." It's also great if you need to shampoo more frequently than normal, he adds — which rings true for those with hefty heads of hair.

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— PAID —

If you spray on a cloud of dry shampoo after each and every workout — stop. Or at least don't do it every single day. All that product residue (not to mention, you know, sweat and oil) can build up, leading to less-than-happy hair. Instead, jump in the shower and choose a gentle cleanser, like this white-nectarine-and-pear-inspired shampoo from Hair Food. The creamy, silicone-free formula can be used daily to wash away grime without prematurely stripping color.

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For a quick curl reset post-workout, Price is a fan of water-based, leave-in conditioners. "If I work out in the morning before work, my hair is basically styled before I get to the gym," she says. "The refresher spray helps put things back in place."

A creamy leave-in product and/or a touch of no-alcohol gel will also control frizz and keep your strands looking fresh to death.

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Tightly Coiled
If you have curly and textured hair, Price warns not to over-shampoo, as it will seriously dry out your strands. "Co-wash if you feel your hair needs a reboot, and only shampoo about once a month," she suggests. We understand how tempting it is to slather your hair in shampoo after each and every workout. But Price says to hold off — and, hey, she's got great hair.

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Short Or Fine
If your hair's too short for a ponytail — or it's super-wispy and fine — a sweat band can protect your hairline from getting greasy and unmanageable, Richman says. A mini flat iron can smooth fuzz and flyaways after particularly steamy sessions.

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The tightest elastic you can find isn't your best bet. "Tight ponytails can cause traction alopecia or breakage," says Richman. Instead, pin your hair into a high bun or tie it with a satin elastic.

Price is a fan of ouch-less hair scrunchies, which won't pull or rip the hair. "I always do a loose pineapple on the top of my head," she says. "That way, when I take it down, gravity works in my favor." Also: There won't be a dent mark in sight.

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