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In Defense Of Black Work Slacks

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    Emma Rosenblum tackled the ubiquitous black slack in an op-ed for BusinessWeek titled, "Ladies, Please Burn Your Black Work Pants." Says Rosenblum, "They're boring and sad, and make you look boring and sad, too." While we agree that there are way too many ill-fitting, too-long, crotch-magnifying, slightly shiny black slacks out there, a proper black work pant is indispensable in a woman's wardrobe — and we're not just talking about a woman's 9-5 wardrobe. With the right cut, fabric, and fit, a good black slack can be worn seven days a week, from work to drinks and then out to brunch the next morning.

    The key to a modern black pant is in the silhouette. Ending right at your ankles and with a slight taper, a work slack should be slim without being tight and come in a slight stretch. This way, they work with a button-down and a pump for the office, as well as little ballet flats and a sweater for a casual French New Wave vibe, or a bootie and denim jacket for the weekend. And, if there's a little too much fabric at the crotch or rear? That's when a super-dark, matte black fabric comes in — it'll hide any small fit issues that may look obvious in other colors or sheens.

    So, which to buy? We've consulted with our market director, Marissa Rosenblum, to pick out the five pairs of black slacks that'll work just as hard as you do. Leave your matches for your candles, ladies. Here are five reasons to keep your black work pants, not burn them.

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