How To Wear Your Sneakers To Work (Without An HR Run-In)

Sneakers probably aren't at the top of anyone's list when it comes to work-appropriate footwear. Even though many workplaces are starting to take a more relaxed approach to dress codes, life would be a lot easier if we could all wear sneakers to work on the daily: No more dreaded commuter-shoe changes on a park bench, no more twisted ankles, and no more blisters by lunch time. Sounds like a perfect world, doesn't it?

Believe it or not, with the right pieces and clever styling, you could probably get away with wearing sneakers for a week straight — without any trouble from HR. And using the ensemble inspiration ahead, we dare you to try it (but of course encourage double-checking your office's policies first).

Read on for some foolproof sneaker-wearing tips, because it is possible to wear a pair and still look polished and professional enough for a one-on-one with your boss.
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The Classic Nike
If you don't already own a pair, it's time to invest in an all-white sneaker that truly goes with everything — inside and outside of the office. Dress up this classic Nike with a graphic pencil skirt and wrap blazer worn as a top. Finish it off with a versatile, professional-looking ladybag, and minimal jewelry. No one will even notice you're wearing trainers. (And if they do, they'll probably compliment how rad you look.)
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The Metallic Kicks
The great thing about a metallic sneaker is that it looks neither sloppy nor athletic — this sleek, silver option reads more like an actual shoe than a kick-around sneaker. Wear them with a high-neck top layered under an office-appropriate matching set. Top it off with some cool glasses and you've got a work-ready look that's both comfortable and on-trend.
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The Slip-On Sophisticate
A classic skater silhouette, like these Minnie Mouse-inspired slip-ons from Vans, contrasts sophisticated trousers and a chunky sweater without looking mismatched. The unexpected pairing will have you fielding compliments all day.
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The Suede Sneaker
Another way to make sure a sneaker doesn't feel like it's for the gym is to go with a more unexpected material, like this bold-colored suede pair. Add on a button-up blouse in an unexpected, cropped silhouette; a pair of super-cool patched jeans; a textured crossbody bag, and some cool earrings. You can go straight from work to dinner with the girls, blister-free.
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The Colorblock Trainer
Sneakers and dresses are a winning combination, because they tend to balance each other out just perfectly. Wear a colorful trainer with a bold, graphic minidress, and keep it looking polished with a sophisticated croc bag that works with the outfit's color palette. Add on a silver choker and denim jacket over your shoulders to make it feel even less sporty.
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The Mega-Platform
Kicks also work well with skirts of all sorts, especially when there's a funky, leg-lengthening platform involved. Pair this school-uniform-esque plaid with a badass pair of McQueen platforms and tuck in your go-to button-up. Since the shoe is a statement in and of itself, you can keep your jewelry and work bag simple and classic.

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