The Wordy Girl Shares Her Miami Style & Some Hilarious Quotes

Miami has its fair share of fashion blogs. But when it comes to local blogger personalities, the pickings are pretty slim. That's why we were so excited when fashion and beauty writer Maria Tettamanti finally decided to take the plunge and start her very own blog. Seriously, her quirky Facebook statuses were just not enough for us. With the launch of The Wordy Girl, we can now keep up with this hilarious, totally-in-her-own-world but undeniably loveable character every day of the week. From her colorful sense of style and her well-curated list of must-haves, you’re going to want to bookmark this local lady’s site. Don’t believe us? Read this laugh-out-loud interview.
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What made you want to start the blog?
“It all started with Facebook, really. My friends thought my zany status updates were a hoot and many of them asked me to start a blog as an extension. So, it’s safe to say that Facebook was the impetus. Thanks, Mark Zuckerberg! You’re awesome, dude.”

What was the first story you ever had published?
“I used to write advertorial copy for a now defunct Miami-based magazine called Channels. I was sort of a big deal. Not.”

Photo: By Vas Andy/Courtesy of The Wordy Girl.
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What your favorite fashion interview that you've ever done?
“Hands down, fashion great Carolina Herrera. She is so elegant and cordial in person. Plus, I want to be her daughter. Can you imagine raiding THAT closet? I die. My imaginary boyfriend, Brian Atwood, is up there, too. Homeboy is killing it!”

What are your thoughts on Miami's blogosphere?
“Miami is brimming with new blogs as of late and there’s definitely been a lot of buzz in the blogoshpere, which is exciting. Shameless plug: is the jam, yo!”

Photo: By Vas Andy/Courtesy of The Wordy Girl.
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What's one item you could never travel without?
“My super-sonic blowdryer. I have rogue Greek hair and it ain’t pretty au naturel.”

When did you know you wanted to be a writer?
“I’ve been reading glossies — Teen Beat, Jane, and Vogue — for as long as I can remember. Now, I eat up a book every two weeks and head up a boisterous book club. I don’t feel like I ever had a choice to be anything but a writer, truthfully.”

Photo: By Vas Andy/Courtesy of The Wordy Girl.
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Favorite book and why?
“The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger. Protagonist Holden Caulfield’s angst is so relatable to me. Plus, I have a crush on him — craziness/mental instability and all!”

If you weren't a writer, what would you be?
“As a self-professed shopaholic, I could absolutely see myself owning a women’s clothing boutique. Or even being a facialist — I love popping pimples. I know, so gross.”

Photo: By Vas Andy/Courtesy of The Wordy Girl.
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What advice would you give to aspiring fashion writers?
“Go for it! If you’re passionate about something, people will sense that joy and embrace you — flaws and all. But, you’ve got to pay your dues and start at the bottom. I’ve fetched coffee for the best of ‘em.”

What can we expect to see on The Wordy Girl over the next year?
“I, Maria Tettamanti, do solemnly swear to create one post a day, take pictures of myself in kick-ass clothes and shoes, and share the best the WORLD has to offer in fashion, style, and beauty for my loyal readers. Bible!”

Photo: By Vas Andy/Courtesy of The Wordy Girl.