18 new wallets to put the funny back in your money. By Christene Barberich & Piera Gelardi
It's been said that money can't buy happiness. But with the right wallet, we're willing to bet it can. Unlike that flimsy fold hidden in your back pocket (or that icky no-name leather variety), this new crop of cheerful bill collectors could almost make you forget your money woes. Artful, vibrant, and a little psychedelic, we think any of these wallets have the power to kick-start prosperity.
A stunner for summer, we're loving Tim Reed's clean and colorful Laser wallet ($51) almost as much as the slightly kooky Cassette wallet ($39) a single-compartment tote that's sure to give your cash flow a new tune. Read on for more ways to put the wonder back in your bread.
Above, from left:
Comme des Garçons x KAWS Limited-Edition Wallet, about $130, available at Dover Street Market and at Colette.
TIMO! Wallet, $35, available at Blue & Cream, 1 East 1st Street; 212-533-3088.
Above, from left:
Jack Spade Box Fly Hipster Wallet, $85, available at Jack Spade.
Jack Spade Embroidered Crown Twill Bill Holder, $95, available at Jack Spade.
Above, from left:
Surface to Air Embossed Red Leather Wallet, $116, available at Bblessing.
Logan Real Hand-Painted Signature-Print Wallet, $140, available at Logan Real.
Friends United Network Lasers by Chris Prosser Wallet, $51, available at Blackbird.

Above, from left:
Comme des Garçons Color Embossed Wallets (in blue and green), $210 each, available at Otte.
Tsumori Chisato Large Ocean Pearl Wallet, $434, available at Bird.
Maxx & Unicorn Co. Leather Bomb Wallets, $80 each, available at Supermarket.
Above, from left:
Hlaska Astronomy Wallet, $125, available at Hlaska.
Marcella Foschi Cassette Wallet, $39, available at Design Boom.
Above, from left:
Tsumori Chisato Octopus Wallet, $215, available at Bird.
Paris House Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Card Holder, $75, available at Paris House.
Momaboma Recycled Wallet, $57, available at Yoox.
Above, from left:
Paris House Show Me The Money Wallet, $75, available at Paris House.
Dynomighty Design Tyvek Wallet, $15, available at Design Boom.
DB Clay One-of-a-Kind Wallet, $78, available at DB Clay.
18 new wallets to put the funny back in your money.

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