30 Snow Boots To Buy NOW Before The Polar Vortex Arrives

The weather forecast is about as predictable as, well, the weather. Are more polar vortex conditions to come or will we get a reprieve this season? No matter: People are flocking to L.L.Bean, in stores and online, this season with a renewed vigor that doesn't seem to be exclusively a reaction to recent years' storm patterns. The heritage label’s signature boots are back-ordered until as late as April 20, 2015, in some sizes and widths. You can try trolling eBay with hopes of nabbing a pair, but go in knowing the prices are inflated and the odds ostensibly slim.
This in mind, there are other footwear options for those looking for a seriously reliable pair. Ahead, find 30 winter boots that’ll combat freezing rain, snow, and sub-zero wind chills — and serve as your (surprising) statement shoe this winter, too. (NPR)
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Cold-weather friendly and inexpensive — that's what we're talking about.
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With pre-dirtied, rubber soles and a faux fur linin, this snow boot was made for fashion.
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Water-combatant features on the outside, fuzzy goodness on the inside.
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Over the years, Sorel has become synonymous with cold-weather footwear. It's special-edition styles for J.Crew are a perfect blend of function and fashion.
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Antarctic explorer or astronaut? Sometimes, you don't have to choose.
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We trust Hunter boots to keep our feet dry during intense rain showers. So, we know they'll have our back when we're trudging through piles of snow and slush, too.
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This printed-nylon bootie is a step in a toasty direction.
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Technically, these are hiking boots. Though, we wager they'll stand up to frigid temperatures as well.
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This winter, you won't have to sacrifice heels completely: Isabel Marant's signature wedges come in snow boot form, too.
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Not a basic, black shoe kind of girl? You don't have to be when there's so many fun, colorful prints to choose from...
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In these boots, you can conquer all the snowy sidewalks and puddles that befall you on your morning commute.
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Lace-up boots aren't for everyone. Thankfully, simple pull-on styles are just as good at resisting the elements.
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Wedges hidden into your snow boots will discreetly add a little height to your everyday — and nobody will be the wiser.
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The classic Dr. Martens we know and love, but waterproof. Yes.
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Timberland's ankle boot is far from clunky and great for everyday wear — no inclement weather necessary.
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The adjustable topline on this boot will prevent any sneaky snowflakes from sneaking their way into your boots.
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Show your entire calf some warm, faux-fur-lined love: These tall snow boots will keep your lower leg nice and covered.
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This lightweight, snow boot doesn't cut corners when it comes to water resistance. It's decked out with moisture-repellant-and-management features to keep your feet dry.
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That thick rubber outsole isn't just for show: That, along with lining that "naturally wicks away moisture," and nylon laces will make sidewalk slip-ups a thing of the past.
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Leopard print knows no seasons. Incorporate it into your snow wardrobe with these chic lace-ups.
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If low-heeled silhouettes are you bag, then All Black is a brand to remember.
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The front-zip closure makes slipping off these boots a breeze. Although, judging from the shearling shaft, you'll probably never want to take them off.
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"You may be compelled to take a side trip through the snow drifts on your way to the mailbox," warns Land's End. We mean...if they say so...
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Like your favorite at-home slippers, but that you can wear out in the cold.
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Winter wedges are taking over.
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This boot boasts a super-lightweight feel and advanced waterproof technology.
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Paired with jeans, this is an ideal look for quick errands run or days spent at the ski lodge.
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These booties can be worn with the cuffs folded down or zipped all the way up for maximum coverage and protection.
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Burberry's waterproof rain boots are winter-ready with their shearling trim.
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Sneaker boots are a sporty way to beat the cold.

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