What's In Your Bag? Beauty Essentials For Every Personality

Open your bag, and what do you see? We're guessing it's a collection of old receipts, excess change, and some smushed-up, forgotten snack. But aside from being what is basically a garbage receptacle, a status symbol, and/or a pretty accessory to complete your outfit, a bag serves as the carrier to all the secret weapons that get us through each day. Take, for example, the "squad mom" of your group. She's the one who carries everything you need but never seem to have on hand (like a Carefree pantyliner for those times Mother Nature unexpectedly visits). Are you someone who's always rushing to and from events? You probably lug around a selection of bold makeup and some just-in-case flats. The point — what you put inside your purse each morning is symbolic of who you are.

With that theory in mind (and because, face it, you probably need to clean out your bag), we put together six "purse kits" for every personality. These are the go-to items you need to get your day rolling and get you where you need to go, tailored to your personality. Read on to find yours, and tell us in the comments what essentials you pack each morning.
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If your Google calendar is always jam-packed...
Free time isn't a concept you're familiar with. You hustle from meetings to social events to family obligations and back. So you'll need to carry on-the-go essentials essentials to keep yourself looking polished and fresh all day long.

Your essentials:
A cushion compact (like the new full-coverage one from Maybelline) will make your morning makeup routine faster, and is mess-free for when you're touching up on-the-go. Stash blotting papers to keep oil at bay, as well as travel-sized skin-care products like the Drunk Elephant dayglow gel-and-serum duo. And finally, hold on to items that will make your commute more pleasant, like wireless headphones and healthy snacks to keep your energy up.
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If wearing white is your worst nightmare...
Some girls have all the luck — but you're not one of them. You've been known to spill anything (even solids), and by the end of the day, it's pretty much a guarantee you've gotten mascara somewhere it shouldn't be. Before your day starts, stack your bag with emergency clean-up items, so you can keep your #hotmess tendencies in check.

Your essentials:
Keep items that help you touch-up your look quickly easily accessible, like a full-coverage concealer, compact makeup removers, like Almay's 24-Count Oil Free Makeup Eraser Sticks, and a mini setting spray you can use in the a.m. or throughout the day as a mid-day spritz. Keep your hair in order and flyaways at bay with Kérastase Paris's Carré Lissant smoothing sheets. And of course, pack a Tide to Go pen (don't fight it, you'll use it).
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If you're the "squad mom" of the group...
Most people pack their bag each morning with essentials like keys, phone, wallet. But you? You're prepared for anything the day throws your way. Unexpected blister? You have a bandage at the ready. Your friend's hair tie snapped? You have an extra. But to keep your purse from getting too heavily weighed down, stick to multitasking products that can do double the work.

Your essentials:
Store a couple of items you may not need at the moment (but will eventually) in a zipper pocket. We're talking total saviors, like a Carefree Pantyliner for when that time of the month comes earlier (or later) than expected, a portable hairbrush and multiple pens — because you will lose the first two. A petite tweezer set is handy for grooming emergencies, yes, but it's also useful for solving weird, unexpected mishaps (like removing splinters or untangling a necklace). Finally, throw in an all-purpose balm like Farmacy Honey Savior: All-In-One Skin Repair Salve that can be used on dry skin, cuticles, or even flyaway hairs, along with a bold lip color — and you can leave the rest of your heavy makeup bag at home.

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If you're the star of your own internal reality show...
Calling you a social butterfly would be an understatement. Your Facebook event invites are in the double digits (and we won't even get into how many Instagram DMs you get). With all the parties, dinners, and dates you go on, your makeup game has to be on-point — especially when there's no time to stop back at home.

Your essentials:
You have places to be and people to see, so forget all notions of starting from scratch. Choose three items that will take your look from work to play in a snap — a multitasking eye/lip/cheek product, a dark liquid liner, and a stick highlighter, so you can swipe, swipe, and go. Because you’ll want to document your activities well into the night, up your selfie skills with the help of a Lumee phone case. And for the morning after, trust a de-puffing eye product, like this Skyn Iceland Icelandic Relief Pen, so your coworkers will never know you were out all night.
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If your favorite letters are CEO...
A natural-born leader, no one messes with you. You know what you want and exactly how to get it. (And that goes beyond the workplace.)

Your essentials:
Make power moves from the moment you walk out of your door in a pair of statement sunglasses, like these Illesteva ones. Pump yourself up for a big meeting with a swipe of bold red lipstick and a coat of volumizing mascara, like COVERGIRL's So Lashy! Blastpro. Then, listen to a podcast that's all about female empowerment. (We turn to 2 Dope Queens when we want to laugh out loud.) Finally, peer into a trusty compact to remind yourself how fierce you are, and go work it.
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If you’re a carry-on-only type of packer…
To be honest, you probably wouldn’t even carry a bag if you didn’t need a safe place to put your wallet and phone. Your bag philosophy is: If it’s not crucial, you’re leaving it behind. That being said, there will always be last-minute plans that pop up, so it doesn’t hurt to be prepared with a few quick fixes.

Your essentials:
Keep a few creaseless hair ties (essential messy bun tools) or a cute beanie in your bag, and you’ll never have to worry about a bad hair day. A travel-sized dry shampoo is also crucial. We love this one from Ouai for an effortless bedhead look when you oversleep or skip that a.m. shower. Next, choose one or two products that will refresh your look quickly and easily. The Milk Sunshine Oil moisturizes and brightens your skin for an effortless dewy look, and the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment Sunscreen SPF gives you smooth lips with just a hint of color. Finally, a fragrance rollerball in your signature scent feels extravagant for your minimalist tendencies, but it can be the perfect pick-me-up on a busy day.