Ever Notice Our Favorite Denim Styles Make Up A Family Tree?

What started as the boyfriend jean trend quickly turned into the girlfriend jean trend (a slightly tighter fit) and then morphed into the mom jean trend (now with a higher rise!). Now, we're pulling pants styles from the whole damn family.

Our once-edgy boyfriend, then girlfriend, then mom styles became closet staples — safe bets, even. So, we had to branch into the family tree for more denim inspiration. The latest crop takes style cues from Dad, too, and even Grandma and Grandpa (yep, their dungarees game is sick).

Take a look at the slideshow ahead to see how denim these days is truly a family affair.
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The Diaper Shorts
Let's start with the baby of the family, shall we? Super-short "Daisy Duke" cutoffs aren't going anywhere anytime soon. To maximize this style's potential, try a slightly longer Bermuda length, or a teeny-tiny pair that looks like a (very chic) denim diaper.

Denim x Alexander Wang Cut-off Denim Shorts, $205, available at Stylebop.
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The Boyfriend Jeans
In many ways, this style is the OG on the denim family tree (even if no boyfriend is making it into your actual family tree anytime soon). Go for a giant cuffed bottom, baggy silhouette, and too-long length for an authentic take on the style.

Simon Miller Ripped Boyfriend Jeans, $542.76 $271.38, available at Farfetch.
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The Girlfriend Jeans
After we found a good, baggy boyfriend, the floodgates opened and we wondered if there was something that could fill the void between boyfriend and skinny jean — a not too tight, not too loose jean we could still feel comfy wearing all day long. That's when we met the girlfriend jean. It was comfy and put-together; some might call it love.

Mango Girlfriend Laura Jeans, $79.99 $39.99, available at Mango.
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The Mom Jeans
Hey ma. What's up? Let's slide...into your closet so I can cop all your vintage pieces. Oh, you're not down? Fine, I'll buy my own mom jeans instead. The high-rise, quasi-loose fit is a good match for all the graphic T-shirts I already stole from Dad.

Topshop MOTO Bleach Mom Jeans, $70, available at Topshop.
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The Dad Jeans
Being a "dad" is just cool these days. First, there were dad hats. Now, you've got dad jeans (you know, the ones that resemble the pair you vehemently told your father not to wear). To master the art, I recommend going for a pair that features cargo pockets and looks like it fits all wrong — in the best way.

Y's Cargo Pocket Jean, $770 $385, available at La Garçonne.
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The Grandma Jean Skirt
We entered the world of "grandma style" with grandma heels. And while the low heel is still very much a thing, we're also digging the granny vibes we get from all things embroidered; it brings us back to our own nan's sweater sets and needlepoint.

Tibi Marisol Embroidered Denim Skirt, $395, available at Tibi.
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The Grandpa Jeans
The key to a "grandpa" jean is the utility factor. While this pair doesn't feature a cargo pocket like the dad version, it does come with a carpenter loop — this one's embroidered with "no guts no glory," which definitely sounds like something your grandpa would grumble while you're complaining about doing dishes or whatever.

Sandy Liang Grandpa Jeans, $335 $207, available at Shop Super Street.