5 Styling Tricks Your Winter Wardrobe's Been Missing

From windchills that take our breath away to post-snowstorm commutes through slush-filled streets, winter has more than its fair share of reasons to say "nope" and hibernate in sweats. With function (read: not freezing) heavily influencing our fashion choices, it's easy to let cold weather be a buzzkill to our style. And now that essential sweaters and outerwear are on constant rotation to keep us covered, the chances to get creative with our day-to-day outfits can seem close to zero, much like the temperatures.

Though we're no strangers to the winter style scaries, we've always been glass-half-full types who prefer to view every fashion challenge as an opportunity in disguise. And after checking out the seriously good stash of chilly weather staples at American Eagle, we saw a major chance to shake things up this season — as in, test out some style hacks that make our cold-weather outfits feel rad rather than run-of-the-mill. With unexpected moves like wearing our jacket as a shirt and transforming our scarf into more than just a neck accessory, these game-changers are giving us some much-needed reasons to actually look forward to being cold.

Keep scrolling for five tricks to reinvigorate those pieces you'll be wearing all season long.

Stack Your Sweaters
They say that good things often come in twos and that motto holds true for our knits. Pairing different sweater styles is a quick and on-trend way to spice up the ones we're always throwing on. Try layering a turtleneck under a crewneck to create a new silhouette or just add a fun pop of color.
Photographed by Helen Eriksson
Thom Browne sweater, Malene Birger skirt, Converse sneakers.
Wear Your Jean Jacket Solo
While throwing a jean jacket over our tops and dresses will forever be a go-to move, we've found a new way to kick this staple up a notch: wearing it by itself. Leave the top buttons of your oversized jean jacket undone and style it as an off-the-shoulder shirt.
Photographed by Helen Eriksson
Vintage neck warmer.
Turn Your Scarf Into A Hood
Some might think there's only one practical way to wear a scarf, but we'd beg to differ. Style this piece as a makeshift hood for a quick and easy way to get double the warmth — and double the cool points.
Photographed by Helen Eriksson
Viktor and Rolf pants, See By Chloé sweater, Giuseppe Zanotti sneakers.
Make Your Velvet Match
Though this go-to holiday texture has a super-soft spot in our hearts, it can start to feel worn out when it's the hit fabric at every party. To put a new spin on this cold-weather favorite, pair a velvet top with a jeans-and-blazer combo in the same hue. The result? A festive and casual take on monochrome.
Photographed by Helen Eriksson
Gucci blazer.
Cinch Your Cardigan Into A Dress
Wearing a cardigan over a base outfit is a foolproof way to add a cozy layer to your look, but who says this piece can't just be the look? Style oversized, button-up knits as dresses simply by belting them (yes, it's really that easy).