Would You Like Your Skin Care Shaken Or Stirred?

Your skin in the winter feels a hell of a lot like your head does during a hangover. In other words, it's uncomfortable, dehydrated, weak — and in serious need of the right nutrients. Gatorade (or a hair of the dog, if you're feeling wild) can work wonders for the body, but when it comes to your face, your quickest solution comes in mask form.

Don't have one on hand? No worries. We believe your skin-care ingredients should be just as accessible as your kitchen cabinet — or your bar cart. Ahead, we made dealing with a tired (or dull, or blackhead-laden) visage fun — and affordable — by creating DIY mask recipes inspired by the season's best adult beverages. Fancy a hot toddy? Perhaps a cranberry martini? You've got full permission to indulge — with zero hangover risk. We'll clink to that.