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R29 Winter Fashion Guide
Styling Tips
Oct 21, 2014

If you Google it, YouTube it, or even search in our own history, you'll see that there are upwards of a gazillion ways (give or take) to tie a scarf. Some require the dexterity of an octopus with the nimble… read

Styling Tips
Oct 20, 2014

Your grandma might have a style sense that rivals Diana Vreeland's, but if she’s ever commented on how “boyish” your outfit looks when you were feeling particularly feminine (in your cropped sweater… read

Trend Takeout
Feb 19, 2014

When the temps drop below a certain level, it's easy to gravitate solely toward the pants section of your closet. But, that leaves your skirts feeling sad and neglected. Don't do that to your clothes… read