Will Smith's Movie Trailer Is Bigger Than A 2-Bedroom Apartment


We get that Will Smith is a giant movie star, and we know, too, that he makes more bank than Jessica Simpson's fashion line (no mean feat)β€” understandably, we've loved him since his Fresh Prince days. Now, The New York Post is reporting that it seems his ego is just as gargantuan; While in town to film Men In Black III, the actor has enraged Soho residents with his $9,000 a weeek, Titanic-sized double-decker trailer on 22 wheels that, at 1,150 square-feet, is bigger than many two-bedroom, two-bathroom NYC apartments. Nicknamed "The Heat," the trailer is complete with a lounge, screening room, marble floors, offices, and an all granite bathroom, which seems a bit extravagant considering that Smith is renting a $25,000 a month luxury pad less than a mile away on Bond Street. "The smell that comes along with it disgusting. It's like living in a gas station," says Soho local Brigette Moreno, who lives above the trailer. Also parked nearby is another trailer, this one hosting his full-sized gym. As one broker says, "everything about him is excessive."