Your Weekend Topknot Just Got A Cool-Girl Upgrade

Just when we thought the topknot trend had reached its saturation point and was about to be shelved, the hairstyle favored by the off-duty model set made an unanticipated appearance on the runways of New York Fashion Week. But this time, they came with a twist (literally and figuratively).

With texture, even more height, and added accessories, prim ballerina buns these are not. The new take on the topknot has a wild side — read on for five off-kilter, yet easy, styles.
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Photo: Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images.
The look at Isa Arfen was a little less knot and a lot more top. The tropical bird of paradise flower was one of the inspirations behind the collection, and we can certainly see how that translated to the hair. To mimic it, mist any loose pieces from your bun with texturizing spray to get them to stick up — without looking crisp or sticky.
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Photo: MCV.
We just can't get over our crush on the J.Crew girl — and we don't want to. Season after season, she steps out ever-so-casually and we think we could hang with her, be her, or at least pull off her look. For spring, she sported easy "vacation hair," which is a cooler way of saying "messy topknot." After securing the hair in a loose bun at the crown, rub your palms over the surface of your head to stir up flyaways.
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Photo: Anna Webber/Getty Images.
Consider us card-carrying members of Team Hair Bow. We stand firm with the oft-overlooked, childlike accessory — you just have to find a way to make it look more girl gang than girly. We saw the job done right at Adam Selman, then here at Sandy Liang, where we learned that a great accessory can really dress up a topknot. Just grab a vintage scarf and put it to good use, making sure to leave the ends loose and floppy. (A perfect bow looks too prim.)
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Photo: MCV.
The hair at Tanya Taylor takes the idea of throwing your dirty strands into an easy topknot and runs with it. Inspired by Taylor’s recent trip to Kenya, Tanzania, and Morocco, Bumble and bumble's Allen Wood created a hairstyle that a girl might have after traveling through the desert for weeks on end. “I wanted to bring a textural element to the classic topknot,” he told us. “It’s dirty, it’s sweaty, it’s grimy.”

You had us at...dirty. We can't be the only ones who take any excuse to skip a wash, right? To get the look, simply twist multiple sections of your second-day (Or third. Or fourth.) hair into a topknot, secure with a bungee, and leave the ends out. Flat-iron the tip for a finishing touch if you’re into that flick.
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Photo: Arun Nevader/Getty Images
Smeared lipstick and long, dark sideburns aside, we're feeling the extra height on the Gwen Stefani-esque twisted topknots we saw at Gypsy Sport. Make sure to use a generous helping of shine spray before tightly twisting your hair into a gravity-defying knot.