6 Wide-Leg Jeans To Buy That Aren't New JNCOs

As if the weird denim trends from the spring runways weren't enough to convince you to peel off your skinny jeans, we recently discovered that the JNCOs you wore during your Korn and safety-pin phase are coming back this fall. But, there's no need to wait until September to get down with the 23-inch-wide leg opening again; indulge in the silo-pants trend early. We found six alternative JNCOs to tide you over. Now, all you need is a skateboard — your Fucking Awesome x Chloe Sevigny deck should do. 

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Your skinnies will just fade away into the abyss.
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It's like a skirt when your legs are together.
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Cuffs give these dramatic jeans even more depth.
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Slightly cropped, but the same idea.
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If you're not ready for the hula skirt of denim just yet, flares make a great entry point.
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The little pockets gives these a sweet touch.

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