Whistles Introduces The Anti-Party Party Looks For Girls Who Hate Frills

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    If you've got the kind of aesthetic that often garners comments like "You're really going to wear that out?" then this collection might hit close to home. Evening going-out style has always been a tricky thing for us minimalists to navigate. Where's the versatility in a ball gown? Where's the ease in a body-con frock? (Answer: There is none.) If you're just as likely to wear a sweatshirt to a party as you are a skirt, then Whistles is going to save your skin with its fall collection.

    There was so much to love at this presentation. There were the perfectly slouched sweaters, fold-over trousers that amped up business casual, and faded plaids that looked way more spendy than the brand's actual department store prices.

    The stand-out moment, though, was the "evening wear" grouping at the end that stunned in a beautiful periwinkle shade and midnight blacks. Wide-leg trousers paired with slim-cut tunics, lean racerback frocks with origami-style folds, notch-neck midi-dresses with a subtle sheen, we could go on and on. You're never going to fidget in pieces like these, nor feel like a member of the bandage-dress army. Click through to see the whole collection (and slides 29-37 for the evening looks we love). Then, come fall, whistle while you work it.

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