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Whip Up A Super-Chic DIY Pom Pom Necklace

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    Alright, we're about to really flex our DIY muscles, here. We recently spotted this killer Tory Burch pom-pom necklace in a magazine, only to find out that it isn't yet available—sad face. But instead of sulking over something we couldn't have, we put our gears in motion to figure out how to make it ours. And, while we're not sure how much the original would have cost us, we're willing to bet that ours is, in fact, way, way cheaper, and just as nice. Sure, those little balls of color might look complicated, but trust us — if you've been able to master our other DIY projects, then this one will be a breeze. So click on through, and let's get down to business.

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