The Ultimate Girl's Guide On Where (& How) To Score A Date In S.F.

Anyone with eyes can see that there's a plethora of babes roaming the streets of our fine city. But, when it comes to actually taking a bite out of that sweet eye candy — well, that seems to leave many S.F. singletons scratching their heads. Guys and gals alike gab about who should make the first move and ruminate over our tech-centric behavior ruining the act of courtship. Seriously, if we had a dime for every time someone asked us where to meet eligible cuties in our town, let's just say we wouldn't be hard up for cash.
So naturally, we hit the streets and endured the awkwardness (hello, blushing over here!) to create a genius guide to dating that will help you ladies navigate the single scene depending on the type of suitor that tickles your fancy. Whether you're into bearded hipsters or are crushing on cute creatives, we've got you. Get ready for some insider intel from the city's hottest single guys and gals on where they hang, what they're looking for, and how to scoop 'em up! Now, who's ready to give Cupid a run for his money?
Photographed by Maria del Rio
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If You're Hot For: Creatives
With so many artistic endeavors based in S.F., the creative type runs amok in our fair city — and we definitely aren’t complaining. Their eye for design usually translates into dapper appearances and interesting lifestyles, which is certainly something to consider in a date! We'll take it!

They Said:
"If someone approached me and the conversation is brief, I’m most likely not interested. I’m more of a traditionalist, so I will usually take the lead. I live on a boat, so an ideal date is sailing on the Bay."
– James Tucker, owner of The Aesthetic Union letterpress, lives, well, on a boat.

"Body language is important, coming off a little cute with flirty smirks works for me. It is important that women are career driven, take care of themselves, and are style conscious. No Lululemon at night."
– Ryan Lincks, an advertising executive, lives in NoPa.

Where To Meet 'Em:
Reveille Coffee Co., 768 Sansome Street (between Gold Street and Pacific Avenue); 415-789-6258.
Tip: Babes beget babes and super-hot owners Tommy and Chris Newbury’s truck is practically a magnet for man candy.

Jackson Square, Jackson Street (between Broadway and Montgomery streets).
Tip: Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., these streets are littered with lookers.

Levi's Plaza, 1155 Battery Street (between Union and Filbert streets); No phone.
Tip: On nice days, it has food trucks along the park. Grab some grub and a patch of grass close to a cutie.

SFMOMA, 151 3rd Street (between Minna Street and Masset Place); 415-357-4000.

Craftsman & Wolves, 746 Valencia Street (between 18th and 19th streets); 415-913-7713.

Salumeria, 3000 20th Street (between Alabama and Florida streets); 415-471-2998.
Tip: The Central Kitchen outdoor seating is utilized by the gourmet deli during the week and many local Potrero Hill design folks use the space for lunch meetings and dining solo (a.k.a. waiting to meet you!).

Blue Bottle Coffee, 315 Linden Street (between Hayes and Fell streets); 510-653-3394.
Tip: Use the bench for people-watching and potential guy-spotting on Saturday and Sunday.

The Alembic, 1725 Haight Street (between Shrader and Cole streets); 415-666-0822.

Biergarten, 424 Octavia Street (between Hayes and Fell streets); 415-252-9289.

Magnolia,1398 Haight Street (between Masonic and Central avenues); 415-864-7468.

Reveille Coffee, Ryan Lincks (left), and James Tucker (right), photographed by Maria del Rio.
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If You're Hot For: Techies
Ah yes, the elusive techies. S.F. is chock-full of ‘em! Enamored with programming, coding, and all things digital — you might wonder if these former geeks even know how to talk to girls. Here’s a hint: They absolutely do and you’ll know it if they pry their attention away from the new app or Facebook feature they are developing…for a few minutes.

They Said:
"It doesn’t take much, just look at me and smile or come up and ask a stupid question. I’m looking for someone over 30 and it doesn’t matter if they love tech. They should, however, be able to use a phone!" – Peter Yared, CTO at CBS Interactive, lives in the Marina.

"Don’t pretend to bump into me. Be unique and say something witty or funny."
– Chris Kalani, a product designer at Facebook, lives in the Mission.

Where To Meet 'Em:
Taylor Stitch, 383 Valencia Street (between 14th and 15th streets); 415-322-8773.
Tip: On Saturdays and Sundays from 1:30 to 4 p.m. the store is buzzing and new inventory on Wednesdays brings in regulars.

The Creamery, 685 4th Street (between Brannan and Townsend streets); 415-896-1446.
Tip: This is the epicenter of tech startups and blogging in S.F., with lots of meetings and networking going down. Show your ability to be considerate by keeping your pick-up line nice and short and not wasting anyone's time.

District Wine Bar, 216 Townsend Street (between 3rd and 4th streets); 415-896-2120.
Tip: The older, more distinguished techie ends his day with a glass of fine wine. Pull up a seat at the bar or next to him on the cushioned benches and impress him with your vintner knowledge.

Churchill, 198 Church Street (between Reservoir and Market streets); No phone.

Epicenter, 764 Harrison Street (between 3rd and 4th streets); 415-543-5436.

Tradition, 441 Jones Street (Between O'Farrell and Ellis streets); 415-474-2284.
Tip: This is a super-sexy environment — bring a gaggle of hot girlfriends and make an entrance, since the woman-to-man ratio is obscenely low here.

Dolores Park, Dolores Street (between 18th and 20th streets); 415-554-9529.
Tip: When the sun goes down, ask if you can wear his hoodie.

University Avenue, Palo Alto (near Hamilton Avenue); No phone.
Tip: All signs point to the Apple Store.

The Page, 298 Divisadero Street (between Haight and Page streets); 415-255-6101.

Apple Bus Stop, Guerrero Street at 24th Street; Google Bus Stop, 24th Street at Valencia Street; Facebook Bus Stop, 18th Street and Church Street.
Tip: 8 to 10 a.m. are peak hours. Ask him what he’s listening to on his headphones. Once you have his attention, give a flirty smile.

Taylor Stitch, Chris Kalani (left), and Peter Yared (right), photographed by Maria del Rio.
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If You're Hot For: Hipsters
If you find yourself asking if it's okay to actually date the dude who plays music in the 24th Street BART station — this is probably your type of guy. Lucky for us, with the influx of trendy barber shops (and their man-scaping prowess) over the past couple of years, ladies can spend less time playing the "hipster or homeless?" game.

They Said:
"If I’m at Four Barrel Coffee and there’s a cute girl next to me in line, all she has to do is talk to me about coffee or the neighborhood. If I’m attracted, I’ll ask her out."
– Anthony Masters, creative at Taylor Stitch, lives in the Mission.

"I like intelligence, a sense of humor, and willingness to try new things. A direct approach works with me, a nice 'hello' is refreshing."
– Derek Davis, lives in the Mission.

Where To Meet 'Em:
Four Barrel Coffee, 375 Valencia Street (between 14th and 15th streets); 415-252-0800.
Tip: There's never a shortage here, but from 9 to 10 a.m. there is usually a line out the door — especially of the bearded babe variety.

Haus Coffee, 3086 24th Street (between Folsom Street and Treat Avenue); 415-374-7353.
Tip: If you work for yourself, this is the place on 24th Street to set up shop for the day with your computer.

Divisadero Art Walk, Divisadero Street (between Haight and McAllister streets); No phone.

Oakland Art Murmur, Telegraph Avenue (between 17th to 27th streets), Oakland; No phone.
Tip: As with any outdoor street festival, there is liveliness in the air, which opens people up to making a connection. Take advantage!

F.S.C Barber Shop, 696 Valencia Street (between 17th and 18th streets); 415-621-9000.
Tip: A guy you meet here knows what’s up with a little self-hygiene. Upgrade from that BART musician you had your eye on earlier.

Philz Coffee, 3101 24th Street (between Shotwell and Folsom streets); 415-875-9370.
Tip: Tons of cruising happens as you enter Philz Coffee. Choose where you sit wisely — round communal tables help facilitate easy interaction with cuties.

Amoeba Music, 1855 Haight Street (between Stanyan and Shrader streets); 415-831-1200.
Tip: Seeking someone who loves ‘90s R&B? Hang in the section of the music you like for long enough and you’re bound to come up roses.

Thee Parkside, 1600 17th Street (between Carolina and Wisconsin streets); 415-252-1330.

Amnesia, 853 Valencia Street (between 20th Street and Cunningham Plaza); 415-970-0012.
Tip: Four words: Monday is bluegrass night. You’re welcome.

Dear Mom, 2700 16th Street (between Folsom and Harrison streets); 415-625-3362.
Tip: There is the best of both worlds here, internet jukebox (um, Beyoncé dance party on a whim, anyone?) and tons of single babes almost every day of the week.

Homestead, 2301 Folsom Street (between 19th and 20th streets); 415-282-4663.
Tip: Weeknights for the hipster crowd, weekends for the techie crowd.

Trick Dog, 3010 20th Street (between Alabama and Florida streets); 415-471-2999.
Tip: The Bon Vivants' latest venture is bound to pack ‘em in on the regular. Come on a slow night? You’ll at least enjoy the staff in all their hot hipster glory.

Evelyn Lee, 491 Potrero Street (between 17th and Mariposa streets); 415-625-3362.

F.S.C. Barber, Anthony Masters (left), and Derek Davis (right), photographed by Maria del Rio.
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If You're Hot For: Outdoorsy Types
It’s practically mandatory to love the outdoors if you live in the Bay Area. Thankfully, for us nature-loving, active ladies, these fellas are running rampant and are pretty easy to spot on their bikes, at the beach, or in the climbing gym. Win him over with a hike or an off-the-beaten path bike ride!

They Said:
"Look, smile, and say 'hello.' All you really have to do is ask for my number."
– Jim Whimpey, cyclist, lives in the Panhandle.

"The easiest way to interact is to engage around common interests. I’m with my dog a lot, so that’s always a good topic."
– Alex Chrisman, creative director at HoffmanChrisman,lives in the Inner Richmond.

Where To Meet 'Em:
Planet Granite, 924 Old Mason Street (between Crissy Field and Mason streets); 415-692-3434.

Mission Cliffs, 2295 Harrison Street (between 18th and 19th streets); 415-550-0515.

Rapha Cycle Club, 2198 Filbert Street (between Fillmore and Webster streets); 415-896-4671.
Tip: Join the group ride every Saturday at 8:30 a.m.

Sports Basement, 610 Old Mason Street (near Lincoln Boulevard); 415-437-0100. 1590 Bryant Street (between 15th and Alameda streets); 415-575-3000.

Mollusk Surf Shop, 4500 Irving Street (at 46th Street); 415-564-6300.
Tip: Salty, sexy surfer babes galore!

Java Beach Cafe, 2650 Sloat Boulevard (between 44th and 45th streets); 415-731-2965.

Outerlands, 4001 Judah Street (between 45th and 46th streets); 415-661-6140.

Riptide, 3639 Taraval Street (between 46th and 47th streets); 415-681-8433.

AcroSports, 639 Frederick Street (between Willard and Arguello streets); 415-665-2276.
Tip: It’s never a bad idea to show off how flexible you are on the aerials. Just sayin'.

Mission Cliffs, Alex Richman (left), and Jim Whimpey (right), photographed by Maria del Rio.
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If You're Hot For: Night Owls
Are you a girl who likes girls and shaking your tail until all hours of the evening? Well, these are definitely your peeps. Our queer-loving city showcases individuality nightly, packing in after-dark parties that offer up a little something for everyone with ample opportunity to meet your match.

They Said:
"I love a long hair butch, it’s the first thing I look for."
– Kat Marie Yoas, writer and performer, lives in the Mission.

"I’m pretty forward, so I usually initiate. It’s easy when I’m DJing — it’s when I feel the most confident, so girls will hit on me then."
– Ajai Nicole, DJ, lives in Oakland.

Where To Meet 'Em:
Lexington Club, 3464 19th Street (between Lexington and Valencia streets); 415-863-2052.
Tip: This is the queer epicenter in the Mission. It’s both dive-y and delicious.

Stud, 399 9th Street (between Harrison and Sheridan streets); 415-863-6623.
Tip: On Friday nights hit up the drag show "Some Thing" — where every week is a different pun theme.

Stay Gold at Public Works, 161 Erie Street (at Mission Street); 415-932-0955.
Tip: On the last Wednesday of every month, all types of gay, trans, and les babes converge on the dance floor for one epic dance party.

Switch at Q Bar, 456 Castro Street, (between 17th and 18th streets); 415-864-2877.
Tip: Tuesday is ladies night. Say no more.

Ships in The Night at The New Parish, 579 18th Street (between San Pablo Avenue and Jefferson Street), Oakland; 415-371-1631.

Beretta, 1199 Valencia Street (between 22nd and 23rd streets); 415-695-1199.

Slate Bar, 2925 16th Street (between Van Ness Avenue and Capp Street); 415-558-8521.
Tip: Dance Karaoke every Thursday night!

The Mint, 1942 Market Street (between Laguna and Guerrero streets); 415-626-4726.

Ken Ken Ramen, 3378 18th Street (between Capp and Mission streets); 415-967-2636.
Tip: Seriously, what is sexier than slurping up noodles?

Photo: Courtesy of Lexington Club; Kat Marie Yoas (left) and Ajai Nicole (right), photographed by Maria del Rio.
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If You're Hot For: Day Dreamers
If rising with the sun is more your cup of tea than partying into the wee hours, there are plenty of daylight-loving locales to potentially run into a crush contender. Whether it’s dining on donuts in the Mission or brunching in Cole Valley — keep your eyes peeled, you never know where you might meet them!

They Said:
"I’m into independence, someone who can engage me politically or socially. To break the ice, buy me a drink and compliment me on something besides my hair."
– Cat Forrester, event planner and activist, lives in the Mission.

"I’m looking for someone who likes to go to dinner, is smart, confident, adventurous, and has cute style."
– Jess Seitz, a bike-riding Mission dweller.

Where To Meet 'Em:
Hard French at El Rio, 3158 Mission Street (between Powers and Precita Avenue); 415-282-3325.
Tip: This daytime dance party picks back up in March to continue to provide a soul-shaking experience.

Dynamo Donuts, 2760 24th Street (between Hampshire and York streets); 415-920-1978.
Tip: Standing in line with a cutie? Show them how sweet you really are and buy ‘em a donut!

Zazie, 941 Cole Street (between Carl Street and Parnassus Avenue); 415-564-5332.
Tip: If they are brunching alone or with friends, chances are they are single. Go for it!

Four Barrel Coffee, 375 Valencia Street (between 14th and 15th Streets); 415-252-0800.

Adobe Books, 3166 16th Street (at Albion Street); 415-864-3936.
Tip: Whoever said that meeting people at the bookstore was cheesy obviously doesn't love to read (or have a romantic bone in their body!).

Bi-Rite Market, 3639 18th Street (between Dolores and Guerrero streets); 415-241-9760.

Mission Community Market, 84 Bartlett Street (between 21st and 22nd streets); No phone.

St. Francis Fountain, 2801 24th Street (between Bryant and York streets); 415-826-4210.

San Francisco Public Library, 100 Larkin Street (between Grove and Fulton streets); 415-557-4400.
Tip: Come under the guise of enjoying the Radar programming (which features up and coming artist readings) with hopes of a make-out session tucked away among books by the greatest authors of all time.

Stone Pony, 3552 20th Street (between San Carlos and Lexington streets); 415-826-9355.

Photo: Courtesy of Dynamo Donuts; Jess Seitz (left) and Cat Forrester (right), photographed by Maria del Rio.
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If You're Hot For: Startup Guys
Seeking a passionate, self-starting, and adventurous risk taker? Look no further. Startup guys like to live on the edge, color outside the lines, and have an infectious entrepreneurial spirit that will push you to be all you can be in your own life.

They Said:
"Enthusiasm about what she is doing is important. I can usually pick up on body language, smiles, and touching. It is important the verbiage is clear that we’ll be going on a date. It can sometimes be blurry in S.F. whether you want to be friends or more."
– Randy Lubin, COO of a startup that was just acquired, lives in the Mission.

"A lot of women I encounter are standoff-ish and play hard to get. I appreciate someone who is bold and honest. I want a lady who will challenge me and introduce me to new things."
– Blake Francis, co-founder of Need, lives in Cow Hollow.

Where To Meet 'Em:
Sightglass Coffee, 270 7th Street (between Howard and Folsom streets); 415-861-1313.
Tip: A lot of startup peeps utilize the communal tables upstairs for work, so approaching might not be the best idea, but do make eye contact. Isn’t that what Missed Connections are all about?

American Grilled Cheese Kitchen, 1 South Park Avenue (between Bryant and Brannan streets); 415-243-0107.

Darwin Cafe, 212 Ritch Street (between Brannan and Bryant streets); 415-800-8668.

21st Amendment, 563 2nd Street (between Bryant and Brannan streets); 415-369-0900.
Tip: Happy hours on Friday are packed, usually around 5 p.m. You can expect dudes who like beer. Shocker.

Cafe Centro, 102 South Park Avenue (between Center and 3rd streets); 415-882-1500.
Tip: The outside tables have an excellent view of the park and everything that is happening inside.

Speakeasy Brewery, 1195 Evans Avenue (between Keith and Jennings streets); 415-642-3371.

Coffee Bar, 1890 Bryant Streets (between 17th and Mariposa streets); 415-551-8100.
Tip: Self-starters pack the upstairs during the week behind their computer screens and there are couches that could potentially lead to a cutie cozy situation.

Southern Pacific Brewing Company, 620 Treat Avenue (between 19th and Mistral streets); 415-341-0152.

Sightglass Coffee, Blake Francis (left), and Randy Lubin (right), photographed by Maria del Rio.
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If You're Hot For: Professionals
Seriously, who doesn’t love a dapper guy in a suit? Ready to do some major swooning? Head on down to FiDi, it’s packed with power players looking damn fine Monday through Friday! With a work hard, play hard mentality, you’re likely to find these guys are secure, stable, and oh so fun. Hard work never looked this good.

They Said:
"If they make it known that they are interested with eye contact and flirting, I will take it from there. I’m looking for someone with goals, who is educated, driven, stylish, and attractive."
– Webster Jones, an analyst, lives in the Marina.

"Cracking jokes is the way into my heart. Chemistry is important. I’m looking for a good right-brain, left-brain match. Oh, and she must love rap."
– Amit Khanna, lawyer, lives in the Mission.

Where To Meet 'Em:
Montgomery BART/Muni Station, corner of Market and Montgomery streets; No phone.
Tip: There are circular stairs perfect for observing!

Chipotle, 525 Market Street (between 1st and 2nd streets); 415-278-0461.
Tip: Come for the babes in suits and ties, stay for the burrito bowl.

Barbacco, 220 California Street (between Battery and Front streets); 415-955-1919.

83 Proof, 83 1st Street (between Market and Mission streets); 415-296-8383.
Tip: It has a killer happy hour with an eclectic crowd.

Wayfare Tavern, 558 Sacramento Street (between Leidesdorff and Montgomery streets); 415-772-9060.
Tip: The cocktail crowd rolls in from 4 to 6 p.m. If no one tickles your fancy, you can at least treat yourself to some stellar fried chicken.

Abbot's Cellar, 742 Valencia Street (between 18th and 19th streets); 415-626-8700.

Rickhouse, 246 Kearny Street (between Bush and Sutter streets); 415-398-2827.
Tip: Definitely a younger, hipper professional crowd with some tech guy overlaps.

Beretta, 1199 Valencia Street (between 22nd and 23rd streets); 415-695-1199.

Wayfare Tavern, Webster Jones (left), and Amit Khanna (right), photographed by Maria del Rio.
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If You're Hot For: Bros
Still yearn to relive your college years? How about…forever? Hey, whatever floats your boat — we don’t discriminate. These guys definitely land the ladies! Impress them with your sports intel or ability to throw back a few cold ones.

They Said:
"I’m looking for someone who doesn’t play games and isn’t all over every other guy at the bar trying to make me jealous. As for breaking the ice, compliments are good, or ask to buy me a drink for a change."
– Robert Bow, an account executive, lives in Nob Hill.

"A good way to approach me is with a challenging insult. She has to get along with my friends. Fireball shots are mandatory, but honestly I’m not really looking for wife material at the bar."
– Soloman Reda, a business analyst, lives in North Beach.

Where To Meet 'Em:
The Brixton, 2140 Union Street (between Fillmore and Webster streets); 415-409-1114.
Tip: Big TV's in a not-so-sports bar feeling space, this is where the refined bros hang.

Eastside West, 3154 Fillmore Street (between Pixley and Greenwich streets); 415-885-4000.
Tip: This place packs it in for S.F. pro games and big groups take over the back room and play drinking games.

Horseshoe Tavern, 2024 Chestnut Street (between Steiner and Fillmore streets); 415-346-1430.

Tipsy Pig, 2231 Chestnut Street (between Scott and Pierce streets); 415-292-2300.
Tip: Bring your girlfriends with you. When the guys have one too many, this can turn into a frat party gone bad real quickly.

Bullitt, 2209 Polk Street (between Vallejo and Bonita streets); 415-268-0140.

Reed and Greenough, 3251 Scott Street (between Chestnut and Lombard streets); 415-913-7021.

Crissy Field, 1199 East Beach Street (at Jauss Street); No phone.
Tip: You’ll find sporty bros here who are into fitness and the outdoors.

The Brixton, Solomon Reda (left), and Robert Bow (right), photographed by Maria del Rio.