The Ultimate Guide To Shopping For Korean Beauty Products In L.A.

It’s an understatement to say I've been bred to care about my skin: My mother goes to to her esthetician every week for two-hour facial massages (seriously), wears huge, face-covering visors in order to avoid nasty UVB and UVA rays, and made a habit of bribing me into eating my vegetables because they’re "good for your skin."

Of course, her obsessive skincare regime has had its payoffs. At 55, she’s often mistaken for my older sister. It's no surprise that my mom's routine has seeped into my medicine cabinet as well. When it comes to choosing the best beauty products this side of Seoul, she’s taught me to be scrupulous.

Luckily, I couldn’t be happier to live, work, and play in Los Angeles’ Koreatown, where I have access to some of the best products straight from the motherland (including a 500-year-old anti-aging night cream and a panda-print sheet mask). As an expert on the topic, I know all of the best haunts.

Ahead, find some of the best products for every step of the famous 10- (or, if you're really committed, 16) step Korean skin-care routine and the L.A. stores where you can find them.