#WWYW Bloggers Show Us How To Nail Kimye's Style

We doubt Kimye set out with the same goal as the young Korean couples who brought the matchy-matchy trend to light, but we nevertheless love their affinity for mimicking each other’s style. Whether they're trotting down the streets of Prague in oversized scarves or black-on-black Givenchy numbers, they've clearly mastered the art of twinning.
But, we aren’t the only ones who have a soft spot for the stars’ sartorial game. San Francisco bloggers Kathleen Lee and Katie Burroughs, who pen the now-famous blog What Would Yeezus Wear, devote their spare time to recreating the couple's best looks — and nailing their facial expressions in the process. The two perpetually ask themselves, "What would Yeezus wear?" and then conjure up spot-on ensembles.
"We're both inspired by creativity, originality, and style," says Burroughs. "We started this because we thought it was funny and it gave us a creative outlet. We're going to keep up this hobby until the idea of making $10,000 handbags out of Trader Joe's bags no longer makes us laugh." Fingers crossed that day never comes. Adds Lee, "I truly love pop culture and 'Internetting' as a study in human psychology, so Kimye is the perfect case study in celebrity and how the public treats that."
We asked the creative duo to craft five original outfits for Refinery29 based on recent looks worn by Kimye, and the results are seriously impressive. In case you’re considering stepping out matchy-matchy with a pal or just want a source of Monday LOLs, keep reading.
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Photo: Rex USA.
The Look: North's hand-painted masterpiece.
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Photo: Courtesy of #WWYW.
Kathleen painted a Trader Joe's grocery bag to nail the toddler's creative Birkin embellishment.

Kathleen: Banana Republic coat, shirt and skirt from Marshall's, Go Jane by Anne Michelle heels.

Katie: Leather pants from Azalea, Brandy Melville T-shirt, Sam Edelman boots, thrifted necklace.
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Photo: Rex USA.
The Look: Blazer buds
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Photo: Courtesy of #WWYW.
A sleek display of twinning.

Katie: Sam Edelman boots, Topshop leggings, Forever 21 jacket.

Kathleen: Thrifted jacket, Go Jane by Anne Michelle heels.
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Photo: Twitter/Kim Kardashian.
The Look: North's outfit touch-up
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Photo: Courtesy of #WWYW.
How perfect is that expression?

Katie: Jeffery Campbell for Free People shoes.

Kathleen: Thrifted jacket, American Eagle shorts, Theory sandals.
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Photo: Flynet/NY Mag.
The Look: Minimalist stroll
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Photo: Courtesy of #WWYW.
An A+ style moment happening here.

Katie: Target jorts, Michael Antonio wedges.

Kathleen: Zara pants, StyleMint boots.
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Photo: Rex USA.
The Look: Leather arm-lock
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Photo: Courtesy of #WWYW.
Just out and about.

Kathleen: American Apparel sweater, Zara leather pants, Brandy Melville T-shirt, StyleMint boots, thrifted scarf and necklace.

Katie: Thrifted jacket, Forever 21 shoes and skirt.