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5 Things To Thrift For When You're Away This Weekend

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    Anyone serious about thrifting (like, serious enough to bring their own hand wipes and metal pushcart) knows that the city isn't a happy place. Road-side charity shops, tiny town bargain bins, and national chains located behind the Arby's by your second-cousin-once-removed's house: That's our jam. Long weekends and road trips are when we opt for going the long way wherever we're headed — but it's not exactly the scenic route we're taking. We'll be hitting up as many thrift shops from here to there as our fellow car-mates have the patience for.

    But, what to do when you get there? With thousands of (mostly blah) garments to weed out and many dozens of racks to blow through, you need a strategy. We've picked out five on-trend styles that you could buy in high-street stores or online, but why do that when you can find them for less than $5 this weekend? Read on for the intel.

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