What Our Favorite Shop Owners Are Buying For Fall

All too often, we get caught up focusing on big-name stores like Zara or H&M. Sure, those fast-fashion destinations are guaranteed ways to get your on-trend fix on a budget, but it's the smaller, independent shops that really carry the fashion we find interesting, unexpected, and inspiring. So, who better to ask what to buy for fall than the folks who bring these wares to us?

The owners of these 14 boutiques have an eye for one-of-a-kind coolness, from clothing and footwear to accessories. At these shops, you won't just find the average ankle boot everyone and their sister will be wearing; you'll find a unique style that's bound to be the next big thing. That's why we wanted to pick these influencers' brains to see what they're eyeing for the new season.

Before you go out and buy yet another turtleneck or dress, click through these picks and get all of the autumn inspiration you need. Our favorite shop owners from across the U.S. have some pretty rad stuff on their wish lists.

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The Shop: Acrimony, San Francisco, CA

The Boss: Jenny Chung

Why She Loves It: "A long, elegant maxi in a super-casual fabric makes dressing up easy!"
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Photo by Christina Emilie.
The Shop: Bird, Brooklyn, NYC

The Owner: Jen Mankins

Why She Loves It: "This is the first season we are stocking Sara's gorgeous handmade bags. The curved silhouette of this tote is striking, and the proportions are elegant, but still generous enough for a practical work bag. The hand-stitched roller handles make it comfortable for hauling around the heaviest gear. I love the structure of the raw English bridle leather and know it will develop a beautiful patina with wear over the years."
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The Shop: Coming Soon, NYC

The Boss: Helena Barquet and Fabiana Faria

Why They Love It: "I've always wanted a leather jacket like this, since I was a kid, and finally found one that has everything I want — piercings, an inside strap to carry it, and the fit's like a glove. Sandy is from our neighborhood, and we love all of her coats."
— Fabiana Faria

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The Shop: Stand Up Comedy, Portland, OR

The Boss:
Diana Kim

Why She Loves It: "A playful take on a combat boot that works in a bunch of contexts: with a suit, a long skirt, shorts, jeans. What you pair it with takes it high or low. The quality difference in LD Tuttle shoes are felt when they’re worn; the elastic is a bit wider and thicker, the sole is a little springier and lighter, the leather is softer all around. Any of her shoes can be worn barefoot with no discomfort — the real test for us."
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The Shop: Frances May, Portland, OR

The Boss: Pamela Baker Miller

Why They Love It:
"I'm completely obsessed with all of Tilda Biehn's rings. They look beautiful by themselves, stacked, or spread out over multiple fingers. This one in particular, with the subtle sparkle of black diamonds, is stunning, and just the right amount of bling for every day."
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The Shop: In Support Of, NYC

The Boss: Tanya Sheikh and Ivan Gilkes

Why They Love It: "If every woman is supposed to have a black dress in her closet, it doesn’t mean it has to be boring! The delicate grommet embellishments on the bottom add flair and uniqueness to this dress. Double the amount of wears with this dress that is perfect for fall but can transition seamlessly into spring and summer."
— Ivan Gilkes
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The Shop: Olive, Austin, TX

The Boss: Laura Uhlir

Why She Loves It: "Can you imagine slipping into these guys without cracking a huge smile? I can't."
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The Shop: Myth & Symbol, Houston, TX

The Boss: Trang Nguyen

Why She Loves It: "This dress personifies fun, and the best touch is the beaded lips. Because of its length and color, the dress is surprisingly bold without being loud."

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The Shop: Le Point, San Francisco, CA

The Boss: Pauline Montupet

Why She Loves It:
"I have been eyeing these shoes from the French brand Adieu for a while now and am excited to be carrying them at the shop. These are perfect all-year-round shoes in San Francisco and will be great for when I have to travel to New York in the winter."
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The Shop: Curve Boutique, Los Angeles, CA

The Boss: Nevena Borissova

Why She Loves It: "This piece will update any wardrobe to current 'uber' status. It has a turtleneck, fringe, pattern, and it's Proenza."
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The Shop: TENOVERSIX, Los Angeles, CA, and Dallas, TX

The Boss: Kristen Cole

Why She Loves It: "For fall, we are seeing red…in all our accessories. This frame, by one of our favorite new L.A.-based eyewear designers, is pretty perfect. The name says it all."
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The Shop: The Webster, Miami, FL

The Boss: Laure Heriard Dubreuil

Why She Loves It: "It’s an easy proportion to wear, and the wash is absolutely perfect!"

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The Shop: Pixie Market

The Boss: Magda Pietrobelli, Buyer

Why She Loves It: "This suede shirt...is very '70s, on-trend, and the perfect shade of teal / dark green."
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The Shop: Sunroom, Austin, TX

The Boss: Lucy Jolis

Why She Loves It: "There's just nothing like them. They're perfect paired with chunky socks and slouchy denim. And the best part is all the materials used are by-products of either the...food industry or government-mandated culling due to overpopulation."