What Are Josie Maran's Stay-Gorgeous Secrets? We've Got 'Em

She's gorgeous. She's the owner of the crazy popular beauty line Josie Maran Cosmetics. She's enviably eco-conscious. Did we mention that she's gorgeous? If we didn't love Maran so much, we'd probably hate her. So, when we got the chance to have a girl-to-girl chat with this natural beauty, we took full advantage, picking her brain on everything from what makes her cult-favorite beauty products so lust-worthy to her secret addiction to clubbing (yes, clubbing!) We already love her products, and we're pretty sure you will, too. Hence, it's time to get in on Josie Maran's must-have beauty buys now. Here, you'll snag 40% off the ultimate beauty kit featuring all our fave Josie Maran products––now on Reserve!
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What was it that encouraged you to start your own line of natural cosmetics?
“I grew up very conscious of chemicals because my mom is very sensitive to them. And then when I got pregnant, I really started paying attention and researching what I was putting in and on my body and just realized that there were no luxurious, high-performing beauty products that weren't filled with chemicals. So, I decided to figure out a way to do it.”

If someone is a natural beauty newbie, what are some easy tips that will make the transition to organic products smooth and not overwhelming?
“I think you should just start with one organic product that you know works for other people. For example, Argan Oil is a great first product because it's 100% organic, it actually works, and it’s one of the bestselling moisturizers at Sephora and QVC. If you try it, it'll convert you. And then maybe you’ll go a little deeper!”
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Argan oil takes a leading role in your line. What is about it that you love so much?
“I really love it because it’s so simple. It’s just one ingredient, yet it’s super powerful. Argan Oil wakes up your skin like nothing else. It's high in essential fatty acids and vitamin E which are super powerful moisturizers that are also anti-aging.”

Having created so many amazing beauty products, do you ever go to a salon for any special services?
“I really don’t! (Sorry, guys!) I’m a big proponent of doing it yourself and using less.”

What’s your favorite form of exercise?
“I love Kundalini yoga. It’s not too strenuous, but it’s really great for working on inner beauty. We also do Wednesday workouts at my office where we have a trainer come in and we all work out together. And I love to dance! So, I just go to nightclubs and rock it out––it's so good for you!”
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We know (and love) that you’re big on living healthfully and naturally. How does that translate to your diet?
“I like to eat from the rainbow, and I enjoy indulgences, but in moderation. Like, I love pizza, but I make it at home and use organic ingredients.”

What’s your fave spot in L.A. to get a quick, healthy, and delish bite?
“We’re so lucky to have Café Gratitude right down the street from the office. The ingredients are so fresh and so delicious, it’ll turn any junk food eater into a healthy person. I always order the “I am Extraordinary”—it’s their house BLT. It’s delicious!”

Which eco-friendly clothing brands are doing it right? What are your wardrobe staples?
Gretchen Jones, who was a Project Runway winner, is into ecological and ethical sourcing, and her stuff is really fashionable. I also love Maiyet. They’re just awesome. They use worldly, ethically-sourced fabrics, and everything is really beautiful.”