Head for the water with our top 20 swimsuits for summer. By Christene Barberich & Piera Gelardi
We'll be the first to admit: Shopping for a new swimsuit takes discipline…and maybe a shot or two of tequila. And we know it's not just our female friends who shudder at the thought of snapping on spandex while being bathed in fluorescent light. No, shopping for the perfect swimsuit may not always be pretty, but we've found a few incredible options that would make even the most gun-shy skin-bearer more willing to shed those unwanted summer layers. Among our favorites, Lover's wear-all-the-time crocheted one-piece, A.P.C.'s madras-perfect bikini, and the always classic black one-piece from Araks. Read on for more ways to get wet and maybe even a little wild, too.
Above, from left:
Zimmerman Scalloped Bikini, $199, available at La Garçonne.
Insight Magical Jewel Bikini, $81, available at I Heart.
Araks Swim Petra Maillot, $209, available at La Garçonne and Creatures of Comfort.
Above, from left:
Hult Viktor Bandeau Bikini, $145, available at Catriona Mackechnie.
Madras by A.P.C. Check Bikini, $60, available at Bird.
Madras by A.P.C. Striped Bikini, $60, available at A.P.C..
Above, from left:
Lover One-piece Halter Swimsuit, $220, available at Steven Alan and at Bird.
Pistol Panties Myriam one-piece, $253, available at Catriona Mackechnie.
Eres Cardigan Swimsuit, $460, available at Catriona Mackechnie.
Above, from left:
Staerk Knotted Back Swimsuit, $150, available at No. 6.
Kirrily Johnston Allsorts Maillot, $349, available at Elizabeth Charles.
Above, from left:
Anna & Boy Bikini, about $192, available at Dolce V.
Mociun One-Piece Swimsuit, $135, available at Jumelle.
Mociun Two-Piece Swimsuit, $135, available at Bird.
Above, from left:
Rosa Cha Listrado Ondas Strapless Swimsuit, $230 available at Catriona Mackechnie.
Insight Tucan Tango Swimsuit, $98, available at available at Revolve Clothing.
Lux Lollipop Floral Swimsuit, $98, available at Urban Outfitters.
Above, from left:
Loeffler Randall Ruffle One-Piece, $235, available at Shop Bop.
Lover Lace Rose Coral Bikini, $170, available at Albertine.
Loeffler Randall Ruffle Bikini, $215, available at Shop Bop.
Head for the water with our top 20 swimsuits for summer.

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