A Stunning L.A. Artist Spills The Secrets To Glowy, Effortless Beauty

We’re all about the slashies: those creative souls whose talents can't possibly be contained by just one occupation. So, when we first met Wendy Polish, we mistook her for a gorgeous model-slash-actress — just blame those razor-sharp cheekbones (and that face!). But in actuality, Polish has an eponymous textile and card line, designs packaging for local brands, and is the co-founder (along with master makeup artist Jo Strettell) of Le Feu de L’Eau, the coolest candle company in town.
Naturally, we couldn’t wait to discover how this polymath stays so fresh-faced while running her thriving companies and raising her adorable 12-year-old daughter (yes, we fact-checked that last bit — twice!). The stunner showed us around her dreamy Silverlake abode and chatted with us about art, timeless style, and natural beauty. Behold, our new BFF...
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Tell us a little more about your varied work and how you've developed so many talents!
“One of my favorite designers, Massimo Vignelli, once said, "If you can design one thing, you can design everything." Luckily, I studied design at a very rigorous art school and was given the tools to work in many mediums. My foundation is in painting and drawing, but, once I understood the fundamentals of what makes a piece work, I could apply it to graphic, textile and product design. My design approach is holistic and my process is intuitive. My goal is to create work that is timeless.”

We love to see Wendy rockin' the local labels! Here, she wears a J Brand dress, Repetto flats, Kathleen Whitaker, Kristen Elspeth and Ariel Gordon jewelry.
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We hear you love to collaborate with other artists! Can you tell us about any projects you have going on right now?
“Collaborating is a dynamic process, so the outcome is usually more exciting and rewarding. My most recent collaboration is with the L.A. designer Chay Wike. We co-designed a set of screen-printed linens and greeting cards. We are also currently working on a line of tabletop items and linens for the home. Also, the candle business, Le Feu De L'Eau is a giant collaboration between myself, my dad (the inventor and wizard behind our unique candle-making process) and my business partner Jo Strettell, who curates our sophisticated scents.”
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Describe your style in five words or less. Does your work influence your style?
“Classic - Feminine - Modern – Utilitarian. My style is very simple with clean lines, while my work is very colorful and busy. So, I tend to style myself in a very simple way, I think because I would rather focus on my work and not on myself.”
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What is a typical day like for you?
“7 a.m. is when I roll out of bed and make some tea. I bring my daughter to school, come home, read the emails, and begin to make my to-do list. I alternate my work days between my candle business and design work. I am a night owl, so the creativity happens at night. So, I try to get to bed by 11 p.m.”

Sitting pretty in an effortlessly feminine Loup dress.
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What's the go-to outfit you always reach for?
“Leggings, a soft sweatshirt, Repetto ballet flats, and a clutch.”

Polish twists together an effortless go-to bun, a skill developed from her former days as a dancer.
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Tell us about your daily beauty routine.
“In the morning, I clean my face with warm water and a cotton pad, then I apply Stem Cell Crème by Terry Lawton. At night, I wash my face with a Clarisonic skin brush and a brightening wash. Then I apply witch hazel and finish off with a bit more Stem Cell Crème.”

A beautiful display of Essie nail polishes and Zum Bar's Goat's Milk Soap in Patchouli.
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What is one beauty step you never skip?
“I will never go to bed with a dirty face. No matter how tired I am, I always wash and moisturize my face.”
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Polish applies some polish! Here, she opts for Essie's glittery nail polish in Set In Stones.
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Do you have a beauty philosophy?
“Less is more, and don't wear too much makeup. Minimal and natural is beautiful to me — a little concealer over a moisturized face, mascara, and lip gloss. Also, avoid products that have too many ingredients, just keep it simple and pure.”

Myne shirt, Whyred shorts, Samantha Grisdale belt, Matt Bernson flats, Kathleen Whitaker, Kristen Elspeth and Ariel Gordon jewelry. We’re in love with Wendy’s twisted back hair and dainty Kathleen Whitaker and Kristen Elspeth rings.
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What can we always find in your makeup bag? Any makeup favorites?
“I always carry Baby Lips by Maybelline and Stila's Cover Up Stick, just in case I need to freshen up for a meeting.”

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation in 10 Beige, Chanel brushes, Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm in Cherry Me.
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You can tell she's an artist just by the way she holds that Chanel brush!
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We hear you've picked up a few beauty tips from your daughter — tell us about those!
“My daughter Logan loves beauty and fashion. She is in middle school, so she's at the age where she is into doing makeovers and experimenting. I have literally taken lip gloss from her pencil case (writer's note: Wendy confessed this is how she discovered her fave product, Maybelline Baby Lips!) and asked her to do one of her fancy braids on me for a party.
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Wendy wears an Ariel Gordon snake necklace for her daughter, who was born in the year of the snake.
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Do you use any homemade beauty remedies?
“Yes! I love a comfrey salve. It's a natural healer and excellent moisturizer. It can repair skin damage and diminishes fine lines on the face.”
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What are you dietary go-tos to keep your skin and hair healthy?
“I have a healthy lifestyle and diet. But, I still need to supplement it to look and feel healthy. Raw vitamin C by Garden of Life is one of my biggest beauty secrets. It keeps my skin bright and prevents free radical damage.”
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Agnes Baddoo everyw’air spray (Wendy designed the packaging!), Essie nail polish in Orange, It's Obvious, Stila Convertible Compact in Lillium 15, ginger drops, and Humble Ceramics jar.
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We love your California-blonde locks! Where do you go and which products do you use to maintain your tresses?
“Thank you! I have to thank my hairdresser Amber, co-owner of Aveda concept salon Cutlab Hair Studio in Eagle Rock. She is a great colorist who understands that less is more. I have also been using Aveda products on my hair for almost 10 years!”
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Eos Lip Balm in Summer Fruit and Strawberry, and Maybelline Great Lash in Dark Brown.
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Polish is a fan of the classic pink-and-green.
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How do you stay healthy and keep fit?
“I go to the Korean spas for hot and cold plunges, and the sauna and scrubs. I also take a combination of minerals, essential fatty acids and probiotics. I try not to stress anymore — I have learned to slow down, be mindful, and choose to work only on jobs that bring me happiness. The key to staying healthy is to be happy. I laugh a lot, and walk our dog anywhere between two to four miles a day.”

Madewell dress and flats, turquoise necklace.
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What are a few of your favorite things to do in L.A.?
“I love to meet my friends for breakfast in Silverlake, spend time with my family, scout for inspiration at the flea markets and visit museums.”

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What are your top local places to rewind, refresh, and get inspired?
“1. Leo Carillo State Beach, Malibu 2. Korean spas 3. Downtown L.A. 4. art supply stores.”