Your Horoscope For This Week — Apr 06 2014

Illustrated By Emily Forgot.
Good news, stargazers: Capricious, flirty Mercury is cruising through this week. Whether it's creative inspiration, social capital, a step forward in your career, or a new love connection, chances are you'll get your wish this week. But, as always, be careful not to get thrown off balance. The planets are moving quickly throughout April, and things can take a turn at any time. Just stay grounded — you'll be able to weather any storm the cosmos throws at you.
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Illustrated By Emily Forgot.
Filters off! Expressive Mercury zips into Aries from Monday, April 7 until the 23rd making you even more candid that usual. Forget about faking it (as if you ever would) but do try to apply a little tact with those direct hits. You’re a fount of inspiration, too, so keep a capture tool handy to record the brilliant ideas that flow in over the next two weeks. It’s not like you to be shy about asking for what you want. Up the ante and request a little more than you think you can command. You’ll be pleasantly surprised. If you have something to sell, line up your pitch. Aries performers are also blessed by Mercury’s beams. The stage is calling, and like signmate Gaga, you live for the applause. Fortunately, you’ll get plenty of it. This weekend, however, the rose-colored glasses will skew your best judgment — especially in the game of love. Don’t go tweeting that you’ve met The One until you’ve spent significant time together and run the requisite background checks. An ex could slip through the cracks if you aren’t careful. Steer clear of boundary-blurring temptations.
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Roll out the welcome mat. The muse is stopping by for martinis this week, filling you up with divine inspiration. With expressive Mercury in your dreamy, artsy 12th house from April 7-23, you’re a nonstop creative force. Break out the canvas, acoustic guitar, or leather-bound poetry notebook — your masterpiece may emerge before this week is through. But, don’t let perfectionism interfere. The point of this exercise is to express yourself; not churn out the next Art Basel submission. Ironically, when you stop trying, you might just hit the masterpiece mark. Got something to mourn or release? This Mercury phase helps you feel, deal, then heal (yes, in that order). Don’t let that stubborn Taurus pride get in the way. Admitting you’ve been hurt is the first step in mending your heart. Supportive people are all around you now — and that art project will be cathartic. A merger of charming Venus and boundless Neptune helps you expand your social horizons this weekend. A new scene beckons and clue — it’s more cutting edge than mainstream.
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Illustrated By Emily Forgot.
To the moon, Klout score! Social Mercury sends your popularity soaring for the next two weeks. Mingle with new crews, expand your network of business contacts, and collaborate whenever you can. And, yes, this would be an amazing time to start a band, or go on tour with the one you’re in. Turning a solo project into a joint venture could spell money in the bank. Rather than exhausting yourself with one-on-one hangouts, experiment socially and bring together an unlikely mix of friends. Who knows? The goop-reading, gluten-free yogini might just mesh with the lyric-spitting wannabe rapper. If nothing else, you’ll have some memorable Instagrams. Devote the weekend to parties that double as power networking events. A-list invites or bust! Creative bursts flow in, too, ones that could spell money in the bank. Perhaps it’s time to set up that Etsy store or put some ads on your YouTube channel, Gemini.
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Fold up the model-off-duty denim and slip on the chic office attire. Your inner tycoon gets a turn at the wheel for two weeks while messenger Mercury cruises through your career corner. You easily attract the most powerful people in any room so have your “elevator speech” ready. Delivering concise bullet points to these busy people could pave the way to a promotion or new gig. If your confidence wavers, fake it 'til you make it. Head held high. Shoulders back. Game on. You’ve got this, Cancer. This weekend, you can slip back into those cutoff shorts. With dreamy duo Venus and Neptune camped out in your free-flowing ninth house, a laid-back, outdoorsy adventure is what the stars have in store. Invite your amour du jour for a photo hike through the spring buds or to build a bonfire on the beach. You might just score tickets to a festival — and find love while you’re checking out the lineup.
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All the world is your Coachella this week, as mental Mercury calls forth the festival-head in you. With the fleet-footed messenger planet camped out in your travel house from April 7-23, give the glam-girl bit a breather and let the free-spirited gypset take the helm. Like fellow Leo Cara Delevingne, it’s anyone’s guess where you’ll wind up this week. (Snorkeling with a temporary GF? Photobombing rock stars? Surprise us.) If you can’t meander out of your zip code before the 23rd, mingle multiculturally in your hometown. You’ll feel the strongest sparks with people who come from different backgrounds than your own. This weekend, you run the risk of getting attached to the wrong people. With love planet Venus and fantasy-evoking Neptune clouding your judgment, you just won’t see the full picture — especially when the lust goggles are on. Pace yourself, or keep a stern wingwoman on hand to drag you off when you’re about to give your precious time or money to a questionable character.
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Consciously uncoupled or vitally intertwined? There’s no time for fauxmance this week as your ruling planet Mercury moves into your “all or nothing” eighth house. Perhaps you’ll need to lay down an ultimatum, Virgo — better you should have no one than the wrong one. Between now and April 23, it’s the chupacabra that you’re after: that mind-body-soul connection that only comes along rarely. The good news is your seductive powers are at Victoria’s Secret-runway-model level for the coming two weeks. Use your charm to disarm but woo with your beautiful mind as well. After all, you’re far more than just a pretty face. On another note, this Mercury cycle could bring a commission-based job or another moneymaking opportunity that doesn’t require a 9-5 effort. Hello, passive income.
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Your love light is flashing, Libra. Alert! Alert! With flirty Mercury in your relationship zone from Monday ‘til April 23, you’re calling in the hottest of prospects. While you’re a visual person by nature, you’ll require more from a high count than a pile of green hearts on Tinder. Give the enduring qualities — soulful sincerity, staying power, emotional intelligence — as much weight in your scoring process. If you’re coupled, this week’s topics could turn to the BF/GF labels, sharing a love nest, or planning a summer vacation a deux. This weekend, get your lit-from-within-glow back with lots of rest, fresh air — and fresh fare. With radiant Venus and healing Neptune aligned in your healthy living sector, self-care tops the priority list. The party people can have you back some other time. Recharge before you hit the burnout zone.
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Move over, Martha — there’s a new DIY doyenne in town. Crafty Mercury zips into your sixth house of efficiency for two weeks helping you systematize your life — and in an aesthetically pleasing way. Grab the glue gun, labelmaker and power drill. Some next-level organization power is at your disposal. Once everything’s hung, sorted, and reconfigured, make it pretty. You know you can obsess over missions like this. But, seriously, Scorpio, knitting a tissue box cozy is cool, but the toaster and alarm clock, too? Stop yourself. If you have outdoor space, get your hands dirty and put some kale starts in the ground. Otherwise, try a windowsill herb container or get your volunteering on and join a community garden effort. (Bonus points for making your city a cooler place!) Cupid shoots some fierce arrows your way on Friday when romantic Venus and fantasy-fueled Neptune align in your passion house. Swept away doesn’t begin to describe, but try to keep at least one statement sandal planted on terra firma. Otherwise, you could lose sight of your own power and appeal, causing relationships to tip out of balance.
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Please don’t stop the music! In fact, how about putting more nights of dancing and celebration on your calendar, Sagittarius? Expressive Mercury twerks through your flamboyant fifth house from April 7 to 23, blessing you with “life of the party” status. All the world is your glitz pageant now, and you’ll light up any stage (Carnegie Hall or the karaoke dive bar). Rock the outré styles, but go easy on the big barrel curls, metallic fabrics, and spray tans or you might dethrone Honey Boo Boo. When it comes to amour, thou givest fever! A romantic renaissance is in store for the next two weeks whether it’s lasting love a la Hannah and Adam or a roving cast in the spirit of Jessa Johansson. This weekend, you have a habit to break — namely the one where you say “I’m sorry!” every time you bump into a chair or assert yourself. All that apologizing is not necessary; in belies a lack of confidence. You deserve to ask for what you need. Practice makes perfect, so state your opinions, then, b r e a t h e.
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Pajama dressing, anyone? You won’t be keen on crawling out of your loungewear for the next two weeks as expressive Mercury decamps to your cozy, home-loving fourth house. Chateau Capricorn is where the action is now so don the rubber gloves and prep your space for an epic round of hosting. Out-of-town friends could couchsurf through — the perfect excuse for a party. If you’re feeling more solitary, we wouldn’t blame you either. Some Caps will be consumed with a creative project now. Shut out the world and record the rough cut of your album or obsessively map out plans for your e-venture (which will be acquired by Google within two years, naturally). Better yet, how about striking a balance? Screen out the world when you’re fixating on a goal, but set a timer. When it’s “friends and family” time, keep all gadgets and devices tucked away so you can give them your undivided attention.
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Those social butterfly wings are a-flapping, Aquarius. Garrulous Mercury flutters into to Aries and your third house of communication, drawing you out of your cocoon. Your gift of gab is already at AP level on an average day — between now and the 23rd, you could sell Electric Amethyst hair dye to Manic Panic owners Tish & Snooky. You’re just that good. When you’re not convincing people to open their wallets to you, you’ll be playing social organizer for your crew. Instead of milling about the local watering hole, inspire your entourage to get active. From yoga in the park to group canyon hikes to fixie gang bike rides, your wallets will thank you for these cost-cutting ideas. Speaking of your cold, hard cash, be more budget-conscious this weekend. With luxe-loving Venus and boundary-free Neptune paired up in your finance house, you’ll be quick to pull the purchasing trigger. Check the return policies and save those receipts. Rule of thumb this weekend: If you can’t bring it back, don’t bring it home.
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Lean in, Pisces. With messenger Mercury cruising through your money zone from Monday until April 23, it’s time to talk about that taboo topic of cold, hard cash. Maybe you’re comparing salaries with coworkers (illuminating) or airing your frustrations toward that eternally cheap date (vindicating). But, rather than waste time ruminating, talk about new ways to create more flow. Pairing up with the talented people in your circle could turn on the prosperity faucet for everyone. One tip: Put the terms of any such business deals in writing. Clarity on the front end spares your connections from any Katy & Rihanna frenemy flameouts. Charming Venus and magical Neptune align in Pisces on Friday and Saturday. Your allure is unparalleled, making you everyone’s first draft spirit animal. Trust your intuition, which will go from whisper to scream, and share those words of wisdom. You’re not even sure where these words are coming from; you just know you have a message to deliver. And, if you need to assert yourself to a pushy person, you’ll do so without losing your cool or your class.