Your Horoscope For This Week — Apr 13 2014

Look out, stargazers: Pluto (which totally IS a planet, at least for our purposes) is going retrograde. Prepare for a major shift in your universe — nabbing that promotion, finding a new pad, or taking it to the next level with your S.O., perhaps. But, what goes up must always come down. Instead of wigging out, take this opportunity to remember what's really important. Big changes await in the last half of the month, and you'll need to be grounded to prepare for what's ahead. Will you be ready?
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News flash, Aries: Your keyboard is not an appendage growing out of your arm. On Monday, soulful Pluto turns retrograde in your career zone for five months, reminding you that there’s more to life than work, work, and more work. Lift your nose from the grindstone and look around. Taking a break from your hard-driving mission helps you tune in to the world around you and make important course corrections. Deepen your connection to the VIPs in your universe, as those bonds will lead to future hookups. On Tuesday, a lunar eclipse in Libra rocks your relationship house. You could reach a milestone moment with your amour — and maybe even put a ring on it (or at least put some ink on the lease to a love shack). Business partnerships become official, too. Brace yourself; this might happen faster than you expect. On Saturday, keep your mind on your money and your wallet on lock. The sun decamps to your budget-savvy second house until May 20, helping you earn more than you burn. Goodbye, impulse shopping; hello, investment pieces.
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You’re more of a Solange than a Beyoncé this week, thanks to mystical Pluto turning retrograde in your gypset-y ninth house until September 22. Bring on the Birkenstocks, BK brownstones, and music-festival passes. The travel bug bites again, but don’t just settle for glamping. Consider trekking to a far-flung corner of the globe — perhaps on a spiritual pilgrimage or humanitarian mission. The search for meaningful experiences could lead you far from home; begin exploring options now. On April 15, a lunar eclipse in your work zone could bring surprising developments at the office, and your efforts for the past six months might finally pay off. Make sure the higher-ups know what you’ve accomplished (hello, promotion!). Your birthday time begins on April 19 when the sun zips into Taurus until May 20. Invest in self-development: classes, coaches, or once-in-a-lifetime-experiences (like that pilgrimage we were talking about).
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Despite your talent for small talk, you have capacity for great depth. With probing, esoteric Pluto plunging into a five-month retrograde this Monday, you’ll unlock a chamber of secrets. Explore an enigmatic subject, whether it's scientific, metaphysical, or a pinch of both — are you up for quantum physics? Your seductive powers should be used selectively, since Pluto’s backspin makes it harder to detect a bad romance. Tip: Stay away from the brooding, impossible-to-reach vampire types. Nevertheless, Tuesday’s lunar eclipse in Libra could bring huge developments on the romantic front. A bubbling attraction could break into a bodice-ripping sinfest (hopefully behind closed doors, but you might even forget about that part). This eclipse could also catapult you to new heights of fame or leadership. Wear your creativity and power on your sleeve; shameless self-promotion gets a thumbs up this week. When not obsessively posting on Instagram, turn your attention to the piles of junk around you. With the sun decamping to your twelfth house of transitions from Saturday until May 20, it’s time to declutter. Less stuff means more serenity. Plus, you’ll likely discover a buried treasure that got lost in the back of your closet.
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Halfhearted relationships, begone! With seductive Pluto turning retrograde in your relationship zone for five months, you require a bit more heat and fire to keep yourself interested. But, be careful: You could veer toward bad boys or gals in order to reach that fever pitch of excitement. Steer clear of messy entanglements, and keep the vacancy open for someone with soulmate potential. Tuesday’s lunar eclipse in Libra heralds changes on the homefront. One roomie may swiftly be replaced; or, if it’s time to hang your hat on a new hook, your dream listing could magically appear while you’re sipping your morning cold brew. An important woman may enter your orbit. Get on her good side — she’ll open doors for you. This is also a good time to reconnect with an estranged relative. On Saturday, social networking — both online and in person — reminds you of how vast the pool of prospects really is. With the sun moving into Taurus and your people-friendly eleventh house until May 20, you could find a new crew or expand the one you’re in. This is a stellar time for developing online ventures or setting up your YouTube channel. Le geek, c’est chic!
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When the going gets tough, the tough start a project. Well, if said tough is a Leo, that is. This Monday, phoenix-rising-from-the-ashes Pluto dives into retrograde until September 22, making you long for more meaningful work. If you're not lucky enough to be handed an offer for a dream job, create your own vocation! Devote a chunk of spring and summer to developing your gifts behind the scenes — how does a training course sound? A creative collaboration rocks your world near Tuesday thanks to a lunar eclipse in your house of dynamic duos. Team up with a kindred spirit. And, surprise, surprise. Someone you might consider your competition could actually become your soulmate for this mission. Success is written in the stars, especially since the sun blazes into Taurus and your success zone from Saturday until May 20. Bring on the power lunches and A-lister events! Rubbing shoulders with the movers and shakers is the way to go, even if you’re just getting your Choo in the door.
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You're in love; you're not in love: What’s it going to be, Virgo? Pluto, the planet of extremes, turns retrograde in your romance house from Monday until September 22. Translation? Anything less than a seductive soulmate simply won’t do. Coupled? Before you toss the baby out with the bathwater, consider that a hidden resentment may be preventing you from feeling the love. So, stop being polite and start getting real. Vocalize your needs instead of expecting your S.O. to be clairvoyant. No one loves a blowout argument, but discussing issues might just lead to steamy makeup session. On Tuesday, a lunar eclipse lights up your money zone, bringing windfalls from surprising sources. Office reorganizations could create an opportunity for a promotion; someone you know socially could even become a client or collaborator. Hating your 9-to-5? It's time to ditch your windowless, soul-sucking cubicle and stop sticking around for security. On Saturday, start planning your next epic getaway. With the sun in Taurus and your travel zone until May 20, you could be rocking out at a festival or lounging on a black-sand beach before the month is through.
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This week is MAJOR for Libras, so get ready for sweeping developments to shake up your world. On Tuesday, a lunar eclipse in Libra rockets you straight into the spotlight. The world will finally see (and demand!) everything that's awesome about you: your stellar style, huge heart, keen sense of justice, and perfect party-planning skills (à la fellow Libra, goop-y Gwyneth Paltrow). If you’ve been in a rut, the eclipse hauls you out. Like shifting tectonic plates, you’ll feel earthquake-sized tremors forcing you to change. Hang on to that doorpost, but leave the rubble of your old life behind. A brave new world is calling, and it might include a change of address or roommate. Pluto, the makeover planet, turns retrograde in your domestic zone for five months this Monday. It's important to feel connected to your space, so consider relocating or redecorating. The sun adds to this energy as it slips into Taurus and your all-or-nothing eighth house from Saturday until May 20. Saying goodbye won’t be so hard now. Out with the old; in with the new!
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Retract your stinger, Scorpio. With your cosmic ruler, Pluto, in retrograde from Monday until September 22, its pierce could do more damage than you anticipate. Pluto will backstroke through your communication zone for the next five months, so dial down the intensity in all interactions. People may be overwhelmed by your sheer magnetism — even if they adore you. Smile more often, and stop hiding your eyes behind shades. Although not everyone is trustworthy, be more vulnerable with the people who have earned your trust and loyalty; the softer side of Scorpio is a pleasure to behold. On Tuesday, a glowing lunar eclipse in your twelfth house of soulful healing could snap you out of the haze. A struggle's golden lesson emerges, making you wiser. Let bygones be bygones — or bolt the door on a toxic influence. A mentor figure could show up, too, and speed your ascent up the ladder of success. On Saturday, a romantic renaissance begins! The sun cruises through Taurus until May 20, charging up your partnership house. Forget spring flings; you want the real thing. P.S. Getting there might require an ultimatum this weekend.
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Ahoy, matey! The search for buried treasure is on as celestial sleuth Pluto turns retrograde in your money house until September 22. While on the hunt, turn around and excavate the past. Former colleagues and clients could be hoarding a trove of opportunities that might put money in your pocket. What will it take to raise your rates or command a higher salary? Pluto helps you deep dive into a course of study — or simply rebrand and zhuzh up your image — to make your successful status evident. Invest in your own growth. After all, you are the most precious natural resource you have. On Tuesday, brace yourself for a shakeup. The lunar eclipse in Libra rocks your eleventh house of groups, putting your entourage in its crosshairs. You’re a trusting soul, quick to call people your friend and let them share in your fun and games. If there’s a cobra in the collective, the sinister figure will be revealed. Evict them quickly, for everyone’s sake. On the positive side, the eclipse could illuminate your new crew. On Saturday, drop the fro-yo and pick up your yoga mat. A month-long health kick begins as the sun cruises Taurus and your vital sixth house. Bring on the kale salads, nature hikes, and eco-chic products!
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Nobody puts Capricorn in the corner. But, this week, you may gravitate there on your own. Mysterious Pluto turns retrograde in your sign for five months, dialing down your extroverted side. You’ll favor intimate tête-à-têtes over online over-sharing. Develop a passion project in private, and plan your big reveal for the fall. But, you can't totally escape the public eye this week. Tuesday’s lunar eclipse in Libra and your tenth house of ambition sings a sweet paean to your success. Media attention might come your way, or you could shine at work by scoring a huge account, landing a leadership role, or significantly wowing the VIPs. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, so be ready to jump in and compete for a promising position. On Saturday, it's time to break out the pink hair dye and Pop Art prints. The expressive sun bursts into your outré fifth house, making you long for bolder style statements. Despite retrograde Pluto’s secretive lure, the sun brings a healthy balance of “check me out” verve. Posing for selfies just won't do. Set up the camera, record a blog, or find another way to make it to the main stage. Romantically, the next four weeks are neon bright, so flirt away!
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Meet your new playmates, Aquarius: the monsters under your bed. This Monday, probing Pluto turns retrograde in your 12th house of subconscious until September 22. This five-month healing voyage helps you conquer one of your deeper fears. How? By shining a light directly upon it, rather than pushing you in the opposite direction. Simply switching to a new soul-sucking job or replacing one slacker S.O. with another is not a cure. To find the remedy for what ails you; don't just treat the symptoms. Find the core belief is informing your choices. When you change your mind, you’ll change your life. On Tuesday, fling open the windows and let in the carrier pigeons! A lunar eclipse in Libra and your worldly ninth house brings exciting news and opportunities from afar. Is your passport up to date? You may be booking travel on a moment’s notice before the week is through. Still, home is where your heart is. From Saturday until May 20, the sun decamps to Taurus and your cozy fourth house. Give chez Aquarius a makeover. Consider a bagua map, and bring each room up to feng shui-approved standards. Hello, flowing chi!
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Let’s be honest, Pisces: You’ve got friends in low places. And, many times you prefer them to the nose-in-the-air elitists in your midst. Yet, with shadowy Pluto turning retrograde in your social-networking zone until September 22, it's best not to find out how low you can go. Peer pressure could suck you into a regrettable spiral, so hang with the good kids instead. A creative collaboration will be cathartic. Start that band already, and we just might see you at Coachella next year. On Tuesday, the line between love and hate could shift when a lunar eclipse in Libra illuminates each person's rightful category. While your huge heart hates a breakup, you might send a toxic friend packing or say bye-bye to a bad romance. When it comes to your libido, there are no shades of gray, only black and white. End the lukewarm connections and stop hiding your feelings of attraction. On Saturday, spread those social butterfly wings. You’ve been more work than play for the past month, but with the sun heading into Taurus — and your friendship zone — until May 20, fun is a priority once again. Support the local scene, or create one yourself.