A Playlist For The Perfect Friday

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It's Friday, the weekend is but a few hours away, and the afternoon slump is likely setting in. Daydreams have more magnetism than whatever's glaring at you from your to-do list. So, you turn to music.
Let's imagine that music as a soundtrack. Friday becomes a movie, and each phase of the last day of the work week — from waking up to leaving the office — gets its own song. Like scenes in a movie, each moment requires its own acoustic accompaniment. EDM is not a waking up sound, but The Beach Boys, however, are. The following playlist is designed to take you from morning to evening and after hours. Friday, dear readers, is aurally served.
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Waking Up: "Wouldn't It Be Nice," The Beach Boys
Oh, those dulcet tones! Nothing will put you in a sunny mood for the rest of the day like a little BB, and this just happens to be some of their most mood-enhancing work.

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Getting Ready: "Lies," Chvrches
Once the coffee sets in, and you're buzzin' through your morning routine, a solid but bubbly tune is needed while putting the finishing touches on your look. Though Chvrches' narrative in "Lies" isn't morning material, the production will help you wake up and get out the door.

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Commuting: "Partition," Beyoncé
Some songs make you move, and some songs make you command. Science* says that "Partition" has the ability to transform the most timid of individuals into full-blown badasses. One does not walk, they strut. One does not look, they size up, take in, and own the space they're taking up.

*Not real science.
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Work: "For Reverend Green," Animal Collective
The key to a good desk-side strawberry jam is a perfect mix of fast-paced energy that will motivate you to work, without too much infectious sing-a-long catchiness that can be distracting. That makes almost any AnCo track a good fit, but this one, in particular, will kick your brain into gear.

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Lunch Break: "Ohm Sweet Ohm," Kraftwerk
Phew! After all the intensity of your multitasking morning, you're gonna need to sit back and relax with something zen-tastic for your lunch hour. Kraftwerk promises ohm and, boy, do they deliver.

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Afternoon Slump: "Get A Job," Gossip
Listening to Beth Ditto sing "I'd love to stay and party, but I gotta go to work" over a driving production gives enough motivation to power through the final hours of the day.

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Work Exit: "When A Fire Starts To Burn," Disclosure
Work's over, the weekend has arrived, and you're in dire need of another song made for walking. Disclosure's brilliant mix of disco and pop will get you home and into Friday-night mode faster than you can say "t.g.i.f."

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Pre-game: "Wild for the Night," A$AP Rocky
This song starts off nice and slow, thereby easing you into the intensity of your night. But, soon you'll be balls-to-the-wall owning it, ready to take on whatever plans you have this Friday eve.

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On The Town: "Feed Me Diamonds (RAC Remix)," MNDR
Hip-hop, trap, and a little EDM gets a body moving, but a night of dancing requires something a little less heavy and a lot more level-headed. Enter RAC's remix of MNDR's "Feed Me Diamonds." Its Studio 54 vibes keep the night alive without letting it spin out of control.

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Night: "I See Fire (Ed Sheeran Remix)," Kygo
And, finally, when the night slows and you're a couple sheets to the wind, Kygo's take on Ed Sheeran's "I See Fire" will chill you out. Vibes, man, gotta get them vibes.

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CLOCKWISE, ABOVE FROM LEFT PHOTO: COURTESY OF RCA; Ultra Records; Columbia Records; Interscope Records.