5 Fresh Wedding Trends To Spice Up The Big Day

UDPATE: This story was originally published on March 5.
Champagne, diamonds, Céline — some things never go out of style. But when it comes to wedding trends, old favorites (ahem, mason jars and flower crows), aren't feeling so timeless anymore. Good thing there’s a new wedding sheriff in town.
Yes, after years of barn receptions and reenacting Up with giant colorful balloons, engaged couples have a few fresh tricks up their sleeves. So, we turned to the industry’s most noteworthy wedding planners to see what’s next for nuptials in 2013. Bocce ball, anyone?
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Deconstructed Elegance
Blame it on Williamsburg’s obsession with authenticity, but deconstructed elegance is all the rage at weddings these days. “’Hunting Lodge’ is a phrase we are hearing often from clients. Taxidermy is back: Racks, fur throws, and animal prints create beautiful accents pieces. We are seeing more "local artisan" and less DIY. And yes, DIY is being replaced with what we have coined 'Deconstructed Elegance.' To us, this means an appreciation for handsome hand-crafted furniture, beautiful linens, proper silver, candelabras, and quality paper stock... all with a fresh and modern approach to entertaining and design. An event can be beautifully formal, without being stuffy or old-school,” says Lyndsey Hamilton, principle owner and planner of Lyndsey Hamilton Events, which has offices on both coasts.

Photo: Courtesy of Elisabeth Millay
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Signs Of Love
You don’t have to get hitched in Vegas or Times Square anymore to have a neon sign in your wedding photos. This year, contemporary artists like Tracey Emin are helping class it up and inspire design elements at the reception, according to Annie Lee of New York-based Daughter of Design. She is working on a March wedding where her firm is creating a neon sign with the handwritten words “Love, L&J” — the initials of the couple. Pictured here is another New York couple, Hilary and Kyle (ehem, of the H&K), who had the same idea.

Photo: Courtesy of Fiona Conrad
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Keep On (Food) Truckin'
After years of color-coded candy bars and cupcake tiers, couples are craving a bit more authenticity on their big day. Enter: the food truck. “I have several clients using food trucks for either their cocktail hour only, or to cater their entire event. It is great for the client who wants a casual wedding, many choices, and a memorable experience for their guests,” says Courtney Tibbets of After the Engagement, based in San Diego.

Photographed by Aaron & Samantha Photography
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It’s All Just Fun & Games
Weddings are all about celebrating your new union, and what better way to do that than with games. “Another trend I am seeing for this year is games — Jenga, bocce, corn hole, etc,” says Courtney Tibbets of After the Engagement, based in San Diego. ”It gives guests something fun to do if they don't dance!”

Photographed by Nina Westervelt/MCV Photo
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One Of A Kind Cocktails
From Old Fashioneds to French 57s, couples are taking the idea of specialty drinks to a whole new level on their wedding day, according to New York-based planner Ann David, co-owner of David Reinhard Events. “We have hired Cuff & Buttons as a catering company for cocktails. They come in and stock the bar with artisanal liquors, more local alcohols, and special glassware for each beverage — even down to the custom ice cube blocks or crushed ice.”

Photographed by Maria del Rio