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Wedding season is upon us. But we're prepared, because our Pinterest feeds have been filling up with big-day inspiration all year. From cute, personalized Mason jars to creative bridal-party pictures — and, of course, the all-important hairstyles — matrimonial inspo is everywhere.

However, weeding through the endless scroll of options can be overwhelming, whether you're the bride-to-be, a bridesmaid, or a guest at the party. To help you navigate the wonderful world of wedding hair, we've consulted three hairstylists and asked them to share their favorite styles. Think: chic updos and accessories galore (along with some unexpected looks). Get your Pinterest boards ready, people.
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Selena Gomez's bun-aplenty updo is perfect for a sophisticated bride-to-be.
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Teyonah Parris' '70s-inspired updo is a great retro option for ladies with long, natural hair.
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"Segmented ponytails are great for a boho/bride-of-dragons moment," says Matt Fugate, celebrity hairstylist.
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...Or, you can take a cue from Jennifer Lopez and opt for a classic ponytail look.
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"The perfect ethereal updo — it's soft and is great for any occasion. One side is pulled back to show off a beautiful earring detail. It's always good to have a side of the hair open to show some face for a photograph. You have to think of all angles, especially for a wedding," says Mara Roszak,consulting celebrity hairstylist for L’Oréal Paris.
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"Chrissy Teigen looked gorgeous in this effortless, elegant style. To achieve this look, set blown-out hair [with] hot rollers to create smooth, yet voluminous locks. [Once set, remove and] backcomb the hair a bit at the roots, [and then] pull it back and low with a brush. Add separation by running fingers through the hair, all while pulling the sides tighter and securing it in a low bun," says Raquel Martuscelli, stylist at Hair Rules salon.
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Photo: Via @mattshair.
"I like this 'curled not curled' look because it is very Princess Bride. I love the shine and romance of it," says Fugate.
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Photo: Via @wb_upstyles.
An unexpected fishtail braid is a nice addition to a topknot — and easy to re-create. First, make a high, sleek ponytail, then section off a bit of hair to create your fishtail. Wrap all of the hair around the base of the pony — making sure the braid is on the top — and then secure with bobby pins.
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Dress up a classic updo with a decorative pin or two. Simply twist your locks — every hair texture and style will work, as long as it's on the longer side — into a chic updo, and top 'em with a sparkly accessory.
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Photo: Via @bridebyraquel.
"I created this look by curling hair with a half-inch curling iron and loosely pinning the curls into a low bun. If your hair isn't long enough to tuck loosely, use clip-in extensions before curling. Pull out loose hairs for an easy, breezy look," Martuscelli says.
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Short hair, don't care? You may think your wedding-tress options are limited, but that's far from the truth. To wit: Even throwing on a crystal headband can instantly add some flair to your 'do.
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...Or, for a super-polished look, sweep your pixie to the back à la Emma Watson.
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Make a simple side chignon extra fancy with a wedding-appropriate headband.
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"To achieve this look from Solange, see your stylist for a good haircut at least a month before. Use a non-sudsing cleanser, such as Hair Rules Cleansing Cream, to moisturize as you detangle and cleanse. On soaking-wet hair, use your curl product, shake, and dry under a hooded dryer. It's best to do this the day before your wedding, so on day two your hair is more fluffy," says Martuscelli.
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Photo: Via @mararoszak.
"This is the perfect hair for a bohemian wedding. The effortless feel is both feminine and soft, but when dressed up can be versatile for any occasion — even a more formal one," says Roszak.
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"Simply invest in a cute, short cut and embellish with natural flowers. It's classic and stunning! Audrey Hepburn wore her short cut well. This look is still modern for today," says Martuscelli.
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"This looped pony is a gorgeous twist on an elegant, yet fashion-forward moment," says Fugate.
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A loose pile of ringlets on the crown is a simple, yet always in fashion, style.
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...Or, take those same ringlets and pull them toward the nape of your neck for another easy-to-re-create look. Tip: Allow some curls to fall out for a more natural feel.
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Photo: Via @mararoszak.
"This updo has a modern twist with an elegant feel. The center-part makes the style feel cool, and [it] is all about high shine. L’Oréal Paris Advanced Haircare Extraordinary Oil Lustrous Oil Serum is key for soft shine that doesn’t look greasy," says Roszak.
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"I love this classic French twist — embellished with pearls — spotted at Carolina Herrera's show. This look works best on anybody that wants it to be about the dress or face. It slims the face, as hair is pulled back and up," says Martuscelli. "To achieve this look, make a ponytail, tuck it, and bring it into a high twist. Find pearls at Michaels, or any jewelry-making store, and use hair pins through the holes to secure them."
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A part-up, part-down hairstyle (complete with big curls) is a timeless wedding go-to.
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This look has two parts: business in the front (for the ceremony), party in the back (for the reception).
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Same goes for this look on Jennifer Lawrence. Simply wrap a strand of jewels (even a necklace or wrap bracelet will work) through a textured or braided updo for a glamorous moment.
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One can never go wrong with a crown braid.
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A birdcage veil beautifully accessorizes a head of natural hair.
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Photo: Via @bridebyraquel.
"To achieve this look, I used a wand to create waves, then stretched them out with a blowdryer for a minute. Next, I twisted the hair into a half-do. Use earrings or hair jewelry to adorn," says Martuscelli.
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Photo: Via @mattshair.
"This is a look I did on Karlie Kloss. It's just three ponytails spun inside out, and then tied into a chic bun at the bottom," says Fugate.
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