You'll Thank Us For Suggesting These Brilliant Registry Gifts

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If your wedding date is quickly approaching and you've already requested enough pots and pans to last you to your 50th anniversary, consider adding a few trendy gifts to your registry. These items are fun to give, and the fact that they aren't totally timeless means they'll always remind you of your wedding year.
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Gold Flatware
You've seen gilded flatware everywhere lately — from the cover of home and garden magazines to your local Anthroplogie store. Whether you're pairing this flatware with fancy china for a formal affair, or you're using it to eat your 15-cent ramen noodles when you can't bear to cook, these modern and elegant pieces will make you feel fancy.
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Bar Cart
Thanks to the way it combines form and function, bar carts are becoming a staple in young couples' homes. Don't forget to register for all the bar cart accouterments to go on it — like glassware, pretty cocktail napkins, and a hip bottle opener.
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Ice Cream Maker
Retro is in right now, and so is making ice cream from scratch. With the summer heat coming on fast, an ice cream maker is great to have around the house for entertaining, or just to satisfy sweet tooth. Foodie couples especially love this gift because they can make fresh, organic ice cream using local or homegrown ingredients.
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DSLR Camera
Upgrade your iPhone cameras and register for a nice camera to snap and share all the best moments (starting with your honeymoon!) as you begin your life together. We also recommend registering for a Wifi accessible memory card so you can upload your pictures to social media channels as soon as you take them.
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Gallery Wall Frames
What young couple doesn't have a half-completed gallery wall in their apartment these days? Make finishing that gallery wall easier for yourself by registering for a group of frames that is designed to go together. And, it's the perfect spot to hang one of your wedding pics!
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Formerly an item only used by gym rats, the juicer is becoming a more popular gift to register for. As healthy juices become increasingly common, many couples are looking to save a bit of cash and try their hand at juicing from the comfort of their own homes. If you're planning to give this as a gift, we recommend buying the couple a juicer and a gift card to their local Whole Foods or Trader Joe's so they can stock up on their favorite fruits and veggies.
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Supplies For Your Favorite Hobby
As weddings become more and more personalized, couples are opting for gifts that are more lifestyle-oriented...and that they'll actually use. If you love to tailgate, register for a new stove and lawn chairs. If you're into taking road trips, ask for nice luggage, gas gift cards, and a roadside emergency kit for your car. Home decor fanatics? Request gift cards from Lowe's or Home Depot so you can stock up on supplies for your next project.
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Mix-And-Match China
There's no rule that says you can only pick one china pattern! We love the look of mismatched china for entertaining and formal dinner parties. Register for two different patterns that will still coordinate if you use them together.
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Beer Making Kit
Home brews are definitely having a moment! Pulling out the beer-making kit would be a great date night for beer lovers.
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Herb Keeper Or Countertop Garden
For the couple who loves farm-to-table food, we recommend registering for a herb keeper or countertop garden. You can grow your own herbs, or preserve the ones you buy at your local farmer's market. Don't forget to register for some fresh herbs to plant if you plan to grow your own!

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