Our Q&A With Model Extraordinaire, Liu Wen

We celebrated the influx of new models at New York Fashion Week this morning, but for the afternoon, we decided to take note of one of our favorite FW vets, Liu Wen. The Chinese stunner began modeling in 2005 and has appeared hundreds in ad campaigns, on runways, and in editorials ever since. As the first East Asian model to walk in Victoria's Secret 2009 show, Liu's multi-versatile look is both relatable, high-fashion, and all too compelling. We had Craig Arend of AltamiraNYC , the OG of model-off-duty style, to tag along with Wen as she spent a day attending casting calls. Pics and our Q&A with the gal in the slideshow!
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Yesterday outside her agency

Do you do a lot of model bonding? Who are you Fashion Week bffs?
"Constance Jablonski and many of the other Chinese models."
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Liu Wen outside the Ohne Titel show during Fall 2010 NYFW

You're one of the busiest models during Fashion Week. Do you ever get nervous as Fashion Week is approaching?
"This is already my fifth fashion week, so even though it's very busy I'm already used to it. It's really hard to not be nervous, because you never know when emergencies may happen, such as traffic causing me to be late to an appointment, or if a random casting or fitting gets put on my schedule in the middle of the day!"
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Liu during the Fall 2010 show season

So many shows must definitely take their toll! Any health or beauty secrets in terms of prepping or maintaining a Zen perspective?
"I think I've been managing my time better and better with each season, because I always make sure I sleep enough every night.or just whenever possible (All the models do this)! Whenever we're not doing anything too active, especially backstage, everyone tries to get some shut-eye, but as soon as the show starts everyone is full of energy again. Other than resting, I always take photos with my camera or my Blackberry, so when I'm having fun  doing that, I easily forget how tired I am. It's important to control your stress with things like that!"
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Liu Wen during the Spring 2010 shows in Milan

What's in your makeup bag that you can't live without?
"Estée Lauder's Advanced Night Repair crème! It really works magic for my skin, and I love that it keeps working even while I'm sleeping."
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Liu Wen is the first Asian model to be the face of Estee Lauder

Which designer most tempts you to want to keep their clothes?
"Definitely Balenciaga!"
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En route to a casting, Liu Wen takes a minute to get psyched about fashion week.

What are your top fall must-haves? Anything special you'll be pulling out for Fashion Week since you get street style snapped a lot?
"For fall, a nice pant suit. This runway season I plan to be carrying a cellphone holder that has a very traditional Chinese design."
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Hailing a cab to her next casting at DKNY.

Fashion Week guilty pleasure?
"Eating lots of ice cream, especially because it can get so hot!"
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Checking the address on her Blackberry.

Top 3 favorite spots in NYC?
"The bed in my apartment, restaurants around Chinatown, and the beautiful Lincoln Center!"

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If you weren't modeling, what would you be doing?
"These days I feel like I may be interested in continuing a career in fashion - perhaps a features editor?"
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More schlepping to the next casting.

If your style was a song, what song would it be?
"Maybe "September High Heels" by Chinese singer Chi Yu."
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At the deli, hydrating.
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Walking, walking, have to wear flat shoes.
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Liu ran into her friend and fellow model Georgie Badiel.