Gnarly! Pro-Surfer Sally Fitzgibbons' Exclusive Photo Diary

It's not everyday that we write up a sports article, but then again, it's not everyday that we get the inside scoop on a world-tour competition from a world class surfer. We've been busy runway-side, but pro-surfer, Sally Fitzgibbons, has been working it by the shore at The Quiksilver Pro New York, where Owen Wright just cleaned up with a cool 300k in winnings. When Fitzgibbons' eyes weren't on the waves, we had the bombshell snap some shots of her week on (and off) the water, supporting the guys as they ride, exploring NYC with her rad friends, and, of course, cheesing for some pics. And who better to bring us all the action? At just twenty years old, Sally has been taking the professional surf world by storm by placing first at the ASP Rip Curl Pro in Australia and coming in second for a runner up World Title in 2010. For someone this impressive, we're definitely willing to trade in our Alex Wang for a wet suit (momentarily, that is). Click through to see how the sporty half lives and get gym-inspired by their rock-hard bods. Captions courtesy of Sally herself!
Photos: Courtesy of Sally Fitzgibbons
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"Getting interviewed for Sirius Faction Radio!"
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"Roxy team talking to our fans in front of the Roxy History wall—it shows the evolution of the Roxy brand."
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"Rosy Hodge snappin’ pics at the Roxy Beach House at the Quiksilver Pro New York"
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"Someone filled our hotel room at the Allegria with Quick Pro beach balls! SO much fun!"
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"Beautiful ceremony to kick off the Quik Pro NY"
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"Road Trip to Long Beach for the Quik Pro!"
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"Monyca Byrne-Wickey and I eating hot dogs on the street in between media appointments"
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"Outside Fox News where I was interviewed with Lisa Andersen"
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"The Roxy girls passing out leis to the boys competing in the Quik Pro for the Opening Ceremony"
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"Roxy longboarder Kassia Meador hanging at the Roxy Beach House"
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"View from the action from the Roxy Beach House"
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"All smiles at the competition, mid day"
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"Roxy team rider Kassia Meador, Roxy Marketing Director Iris Yen, and me at Gurney’s Inn and Spa in Montauk"
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"Hanging at the Roxy Beach House on the sand right in front of the contest stie at the Quik Pro NY"