5 No-Cook Summer Recipes Every 20-Something Should Know

By the time August rolls around, the last thing we want to do is spend time in our extremely hot kitchens. Turning on the stove or the oven makes us want to beeline for a breezy, beachfront restaurant immediately. (If only we could afford that kind of pampered dining experience on the regular.) Fortunately, there’s a whole slew of fast, super-easy summer recipes that you can make without any heat whatsoever. Take that, warm-weather cooking woes! Beat the end-of-summer swelter with these five refreshing, no-cook recipes. To offer some visual guidance — and make your time in the kitchen even shorter — each recipe comes complete with a how-to GIF.

No-Cook Summer Watermelon Salad

Photography by Danny Kim; Food Styling by Ali Nardi
A truly wonderful watermelon should be enjoyed sliced, chilled, and preferably next to a pool. Second best, however, is in the form of a sweet, savory salad, where tangy red onions complement crunchy cool watermelon, with shreds of mint leaves to balance it all out.

Watermelon, Red Onions, and Mint Salad
Serves 2


3/4 lb peeled watermelon, seeds removed
3 slices red onion
Mint leaves
1/4 cup crumbled feta cheese (optional)
Salt and freshly ground black pepper


1. Slice the watermelon and arrange slices on a plate.
2. Top the watermelon with torn mint leaves, rings of red onion and feta, if desired.
3. Season with salt and pepper before serving.