Coat? Check! 6 Stay-Warm Party Tips For NYE

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    Don't get us wrong: Less can definitely be more. But, when the temps drop, we come to love as many layers as possible. This is doubly true on New Year's Eve, when plans call for bopping around outdoors hopping from fete to fete. The thing is, you want good-looking outerwear that can act as part of your all-night-long look, too. So, we've rounded up a handful of tips that will allow you to get extra dance-floor or dinner mileage out of those cozy new winter pieces you scored this holiday season.

    Funk up your dressy NYE outfit with a boxy parka. Complete a house-party ensemble with a printed jacket and a scarf. Or, ditch the bottom layers all together and sport your coat as your dress. Any way you slice it, you'll be warm, put-together, and ringing in the New Year with those you love — that is, instead of spending midnight on the coat-check line.

    Click through for six stay-warm-and-chic New Year's Eve tips.

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Styling Tips

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