How To Upgrade Your Spring Wardrobe On An Entry-Level Salary

You're on an entry-level salary. Congrats! You qualify as an adult who has a real job that pays real money. The only problem? Clothes aren't quite adequately factored into that budget you made for yourself. We hear you — but we also know you've probably held onto that one white T-shirt so long that it can't be worn one more time without falling apart.

So, to put a spring in your spring wardrobe and still keep you on track to hit that savings goal, we've gathered the essentials you need this season, all on an entry-level budget. You can even cherry-pick a few favorite pieces that'll tally up to to a double-digit, not triple-digit, figure. Not bad for an entire wardrobe revamp.

Yes, keeping up with the changing seasons can stress your closet as well as your wallet. But with the must-haves ahead, you'll be able to feel good about what you and your bank account look like. Click on to shop away, without any buyer's remorse afterwards.

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