Gallery-Worthy Wall Art, All Under $50

That thing that separates a house from a home — the cozy factor, if you will — doesn't come from the number of designer pillows you have stacked on the couch, or how many accent tables you've got scattered around the space. Most of the time, the difference between a lived-in, warm-feeling house and its Stepford-wife counterpart comes from what's hanging on the walls.
Consider wall art the accessories to your home. It's your chance to show off a personality that's purely aesthetic, and for those of you whose personality is a little less fancy than Bernard Arnault's, you're in luck. We've found 12 pieces of wall art (posters, prints, sculptures, and more!) that'll have your space feeling more like you.
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Esther Ramirez Paper Cut Painted Leaf, $40, available at Leif.
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Annasee Crane Print, $32, available at Annasee.
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Gauge NYC Wire Script Art, $50, available at Anthropologie.
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Ikea Pjatteryd Picture, $39.99, available at Ikea.
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Coral & Tusk Don't Forget Embroidery, $41, available at Still House.
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Pour Porter Garlands, $35, available at Pour Porter.
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Replaceface Bill Murray Print, $48.95, available at Society6.
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Magical Thinking Wall Mirror, $19, available at Urban Outfitters.
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Woop Dee Doo x Tom Polo Print Towel, $40, available at Third Drawer Down.
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Crate & Barrel Tallor Wall Art, $49.95, available at Crate & Barrel
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Clare Elsaesser Portrait, $15, available at Clare Elsaesser.
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Burke Decor Photo Print, $38, available at Burke Decor.